If Apple ships Stage Manager for iPadOS on Monday they have become Microsoft of the 2000s; Too big to ship good software at scale and no longer willing to say “no” when they must.

They’d still be the best software design company in the world so that tells you something.

October 22, 2022

    @cdevroe Despite lack of quality standards, I still rarely roll my eyes at MacOS unlike Windows (forced to use it at work). I still can’t believe Windows 11 is needed for tabbed file browsing and there’s still no mass file name renaming. And then there’s legacy 256 character path limits that most software rely on so that Windows can’t make longer paths a default. Legacy really kills Windows.

    @kurite I remember they made their fortune by being “100% IBM compatible”.

    @cdevroe I’ve been using the public beta since the 1st version and I think the negativity is over-hyped, at least based on my experience. In terms of bugs/instability I think it’s gotten dramatically better. The beta from two weeks ago was very stable for me with the only crash being related to the Spring app for twitter when trying to reply. Same for the RC. No problems except for that specific app when trying to reply to a tweet.

    In terms of the design of the app and complaints, I think that’s a different story. In general I’m very happy with the design/intended function. My biggest critique would be the lack of complete control of window sizing and placement. Seems to be the most repeated complaint from others too. There are other behaviors that could be improved too. That said, it’s been totally functional, usable (for me) over the past 3-4 weeks.

    Maybe I’ve been extremely lucky but I think there are a few loud voices on Twitter/podcasts that are just basking in the attention they get by painting it as a dumpster fire.

    All that said, it’s off by default and so everyone can just contiune using the split view/slide over multitasking they have been using with no problem. I was very happy with that version of windowing but have found that, to my surprise, I think I prefer Stage Manager.

    @cdevroe I’ve heard similar arguments about airline companies, telecomunication companies, etc. The “good” computer companies were already killed (out-competed) by American tech giants in the 80s. What’s left is almost a monoculture of computer tech, too big to die and too invested in the market to be nimble.

    @kurite legacy is the second largest contributor to MSFT having less than elegant software. Number one is lack of taste.

    @Denny glad to hear your perspective. It looks like the latest build is still wrought with bugs based on reports and videos.

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