Microsoft Teams has few laudable features but being able to pause animated GIFs is one of them.

July 7, 2022

    @cdevroe Hehe! I was thinking about this feature today. It’s a good one isn’t it?

    @ridwan Discord needs to add it!

    @cdevroe Do you like Teams? The integration with the rest of Office is kinda ok, but honestly, it’s the worst software I am forced to use.

    @mcg I know you weren’t talking to me but I freaking 💜 Teams. I think it’s a really smart way to present sharepoint in a way non devs like me can understand-kind of democratizing it a bit. As much as you can democratize proprietary software I guess.

    @mcg Plus I love presenting in PowerPoint Live. I just wish I wasn’t tied into using the government cloud. Sooo many restrictions and none of the fun bots or apps. Like, none. At all. Nada. But also Teams definitely has its share of maddening “features” that are more like bugs.

    @mcg I got to present at a virtual event called Teams Day Online about how we were using it in the training division I manage. I guess I’m just a Teams fanboy.

    @UndamnedOne Do you use it on Windows? Perhaps it’s better there. On macOS, it has so many issues in my daily usage. Infuriating.

    @mcg I do use it on Windows. I see so much potential in it, I really do. I just wish we were allowed to push the envelope a little more with it. I’d love to attempt to build a chatbot. Or have some really cool adaptive cards for people’s birthdays. 🥳

    @mcg the most frustrating part of our tenant is that the big wig decision makers in all of their infinite wisdom turned off chat persistence and implemented a 7 day retention policy for every. single. post. we. make. Channel posts, private chats, etc. all disappear after 7 days. No regard whatsoever for knowledge management or retention. They even disabled voicemail so nobody can leave a message. Want to record and transcribe that meeting? Not on our watch, pal. No recordings allowed.

    It’s what happens when public sector legal counsel gets involved in technology decisions and decides to severely restrict the creation and retention of public records.

    It’s truly insufferable.

    They forced us all onto this tool, didn’t even announce what it was, it just showed up on our desktops one day. I hated it at first! We got no training on how to use it, and not by bit they disabled the most important communication and collaboration features inherent to a communication and collaboration app! Ugh!

    I’d LOVE to be on a Mac version of Teams and deal with the clunky quirks as long as everything was enabled the way it’s supposed to be. Once I dug in and started learning about Teams so I could train other people on it, I really came to like it and see the potential in it. Definitely has a way to go, though.

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