I’m considering the switch from Google Maps to Apple Maps. It looks like I found an iOS Shortcut to move my Saved Places (from a Google Takeout JSON), though it is going to take a considerable amount of time to do it.

June 7, 2022

    @cdevroe intriguing. I switched a while ago but just abandoned my saved places. I still use Google for reviews because Apple forces you into the Yelp app. Sometimes I just want to read a few places and look at photos of the inside without leaving the app.

    @lukemperez I have hundreds of places saved! Otherwise I would just start over.

    I don’t read reviews in Google, but I do like to look at the photos. I didn’t realize I’d have to jump apps to see the photos. Apple should buy Yelp (or maybe just its data) and improve it if that is the case.

    @cdevroe I have thousands—going back years for every major city I’ve lived in or visited. (And yeah, they really should. Or think seriously about standing up their own. They are experimenting with photos from apple users which honestly would be enough.)

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