The current CDC guidelines for COVID exposure seem very dumb.

April 25, 2022

    @cdevroe I don’t usually call this sort of thing out, but currently the CDC says you’re most contagious 2 days prior to symptoms but that you don’t have to quarantine until you show symptoms. ??

    @cdevroe It seems as though we’ve reached the same point as with influenza, albeit with a deadlier disease: get your shot when you should, practice reasonable amounts of personal hygiene, and stay home when you feel sick. Nothing more complicated than that’s going to stick and, judging from how many people still get the flu every year, even that’s probably being optimistic. 😷

    @cdevroe Sadly, scientific data doesn’t always easily transform to clear/practical policy. Pick a goal and try to find a balance between the data (as it exists at a point in time), the goal, and what folks are able/willing to accept. It’s hard.

    @dgreene196 I do not disagree. It must be very difficult.

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