I’m having such a hard time buying a new digital camera. I don’t know why.

April 9, 2022

    @cdevroe Me too! I have a Fuji X-T20 which a cousin has expressed interest in taking over, but I really can’t seem to pull the trigger on getting myself an X-T4. I keep thinking of saving for a few more months and getting a really well maintained Leica M6.

    @purisubzi @cdevroe not trying to be facetious but could be that you really don’t need “new”? That’s the case for me. There’s nothing so new and improved out there that compels me to want to buy right now. I’m a Fuji shooter too and have been tempted by the X-T4 for a while but, for me, it’s not quite enough for me to buy yet.

    @patrickT @cdevroe Almost true for me as well. I have a small issue with my X-T20 — the internal CMOS battery is fully dead, so each time I swap out my main battery, I lose all settings. I mitigate it by using a powerbank when changing batteries. So far, it isn’t an annoyance, but as I begin to travel again, it could be.

    @patrickT for me the hard part is that I’ve invested so much in analog processes. Cameras, film, chemicals, darkroom equipment, etc. Buying a new digital camera feels like a departure from that.

    But it really isn’t. Right tool, right job.

    @purisubzi ah yeah that would drive me nuts.

    @cdevroe I see. Yeah a change from analog to digital, on top of choosing which digital “system” to get into, is a difficult consideration.

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