OK Favreau, next time give Bryce Dallas Howard the finale.

February 10, 2022
    Jesse R Davis

    My guess is they gave Rodriquez the BoBF Season 1 Finale because there was so much positive feedback from the Mandalorian Season 2: Episode 6 fight sequence, when Mando’ and Boba first met, just prior to Grogu being kidnapped. It just didn’t scale up that well though – and the plot loopholes where pretty big – like Boba getting the Rancor, purely for fan service, instead of his ship – or both – him getting the rancor and sending Mando to get the ship, which would have been a much better tactical choice.

    I am not as down on the Bane part as some people – Boba blew half Bane’s head off previously, and Bane’s droids recovered him and brought him back – they will do the same here (Bane’s built in cybernetics were still active and blinking when Boba walked off and they did the overhead shot of his body – so I am pretty sure he will be back).

    I hope they do a season 2 where Boba gets back to what he was like in the Mando’ season 2 episodes he was in – or he leaves his new “kingdom” to be ran be Cobb Vanth, which would open up a whole different show opportunity to take the place of the show that was cancelled due to Gina (Rangers of the New Republic) – Boba going to Mandalore with Din Djarin to retake the world would be interesting – then Boba could skulk in the back and just be a bad-arse, instead of having to carry the story line.

    All of that said, I actually enjoyed the series – it was just more “Star Wars Character Happy Hour” instead of BoBF :)

    I am looking forward to the Kenobi show and more Mando and Boba, and eventually the Ahsoka show, which I think will be “Star Wars Avengers Assemble.”

    Reasonable analysis Jesse! I love some of your ideas for future shows. I believe you are right, that Boba and Fennec plan to hand over the city to Cobb.

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