Let’s try something fun. How about an AMA (Ask me anything) right here in my comments. Or, you can reply via or Mastodon. Why? I don’t know!

February 10, 2022

    @cdevroe What is the thing from 2021 that you are most peoud of?

    @canion Hmm, great question.

    I guess I’ll give more than one answer.

    I didn’t get COVID! Not that I think getting COVID is anyone’s fault. But I’m proud that I kept as safe as possible.
    My side gig Stripe Transfer did really well for its first year.

    @cdevroe Congratulations on both counts! 💉💳

    @canion thank you and thanks for the Q!

    wanna ask @cdevroe about the fact that like me you freelance both with tech & creative skills.
    Fun one: do you prefer doing photography or software?
    Serious one: will still digital photography become obsolete, or at least not something people would regularly pay someone to do, within the 2020s?

    @warner It is hard to choose between photography and software. Both software and photography are highly creative and technical. They allow me to “use both sides of my brain”. If I had to choose one, I’d probably pick photography – because I’ve done less of it than software and because it results in a physical print that can last thousands of years.

    Re: “still digital photography”. Do mean that video will replace it? In certain areas, it already has. Many wedding photographers have had to add videography and editing to their repertoire. However, I believe there will always be the still photograph – to lock a moment in time, put on a wall, quickly send to one another. Video is about story telling, stills are about stoping time.

    Thank you for the questions Laurence!

    @cdevroe what’s the most memorable thing that you’ve ‘reverse engineered’? :)

    @jasraj I would have to say the first time I ever got an image to show up on a webpage in the mid-90s. It was an X-Wing fighter from Star Wars. I was blown away that the image had to be on a computer that was “on the internet” in order for visitors of the page to see it.

    re. software

    your comment about print longevity is making me think software-makers should hone in on features related to printing a la @patrickrhone‘s blog-books which I wish I could afford!
    i.e. if @manton designed a 1st party M.b post book formatter that software would have the ‘creates lasting prints’ hallmark of photography too.

    Re. stills:

    yeah ‘video’ broadly speaking: I guess the main question is video of what type will directly replace it, ranging from:

    length: 1s minis a la iPhone with Live Photo vs. TikToks.

    genuineness: embrace the DeepFakes and enhance everything vs. trust in visuals

    viewing: with biological eyes, or via AR/VR experiences

    Maybe the length point is key though, and there is something very specific about the stopping time piece.
    But then I have to wonder: wouldn’t non-digital photography own that area, given it specialises in that.

    @cdevroe ah, you’ve given me memories of dad introducing me to Star Wars games like X-Wing vs Tie Fighter on his Windows PC in the mid-nineties.

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