I know I’m old, but… I’m not a fan of blog posts that have sub-headings where each only has a short paragraph underneath them. Sub-headings should be used for more substantial things.

April 29, 2021

    @cdevroe This is really interesting, now you’ve got me thinking about it too. I’ve always viewed a sub-heading as a separator for content that’s different enough from the preceding paragraphs that it requires a visual cue to the reader, but never evaluated it in terms of how long the content is. Upon consideration though, I can totally understand how it might be awkward with a very short section.

    I guess the obvious question would be how to have that separation for the reader without the use of the heading?

    @pimoore I’m no expert… but paragraphs are meant to be a shift in thought. So I think for most short blog posts paragraphs are enough. A sub-heading with just a short paragraph after each seems like overkill and isn’t visually very appealing. Technical documents, on the other hand, make good use of headings to get you right to the parts you’re most interested in.

    @cdevroe Agreed wholeheartedly.

    Because Twitter

    I honestly think that long-form writing is losing the war against very-short-form updates, and that’s probably the reason that folks fumble with things like how to use headings effectively.

    +1 this.

    LinkedIn’s also a massive culprit. So many people write one-sentence paragraphs. Ugh.

    @cdevroe @angelostavrow @pimoore Design via cattle prod can only be used if you see the users as cattle. And cattle don’t need to acquire such paltry skils as, you know, communicating.

    @cdevroe I guess a subheading is meant to group together related content, which implies more than one paragraph. It could depend on what you’re reading/writing – an FAQ might suit a subheading/short paragraph structure.

    I agree there may be times when you can use the heading markup for splitting content up like this. But I’m mostly speaking about blog posts.

    One thing I have to remember… anyone can do whatever they want on their own blog!

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