Intel cannot compete with Apple. No matter how hard they go at them in their marketing, they do not stand a chance.

March 18, 2021

    @cdevroe Given the horrendous track record of their chips when it comes to security as of late, perhaps Intel should be more worried about Intel and less about Apple. Although at this point, does it even matter?

    I think it matters. I wonder how people that work there feel about the campaign. Perhaps internally they all hate Apple now but they are creating a culture of rivalry.

    @cdevroe the second article on Intel’s ads bureau @Gruber is interesting on this subject of Intel and how they must start from scratch.

    @cdevroe complete in what way? They produce the most widely used chips in computers and will continue to do so.

    No one cares about the M1 chip outside of nerds and certainly and if you buy a laptop less than £1000 (which most people do) even less people care.

    Intel have been trying for years to be come a brand outside of just the chip in your laptop – and failing.

    This isn’t about competing it’s about their desire to be recognised. Think “powered by Android”, not “buy our stuff instead”.

    Agreed but then I’ve never cared about what CPU was in my Mac. PowerPC, Intel, ARM. As long as I can run macOS, I don’t care.

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