I’d like to set up a few cameras around the outside of the house. They only need to take a photo every few minutes and upload them to a central computer locally in the house or on the web. Any recommendations? (Nest, Ring, et al. is the incorrect answer)

February 3, 2021

    How about a drone or roaming camera device set to take a single picture at a random number of seconds during its travels? Maybe a camera or two mounted on a garden train set?

    Then the random time and the vagaries of travel would render a different image each time it did run.

    And a camera mounted on a very tall pole (like an old TV antenna pole) looking down at the yard or out toward the horizon.

    I wouldn’t rule out the ring doorbell cam either… Even though that is the wrong answer! I’d consider those ‘run of the mill’ devices as supplemental images of interest that could be deleted if boring.

    You might find some inspiration from this website

    They have placed cameras all over their place watching the chickens, ducks, and cats around their homestead. David is a good source for a bit of technical help also.

    Finally, I’m not sure what your goals are for this but, I’d look at the NASA sites for images from the International Space Station and maybe a few ‘winter’ images from the three Antarctica Expedition Observatories to give an interesting mix. Nothing like a snow scene in August.

    Thanks for the response Jeff! I am already subscribed to David’s Yellow Cottage Homestead blog. Love it.

    My goal for this is to have a record of the goings-on outside our home. Nothing invasive or intrusive. And also nothing “live” all the time but rather a glimpse. And I want it to be private and be able to check it from anywhere.

    I don’t like Ring, Nest, etc. because they all have backdoor deals with outside agencies at this point. And I just don’t want to be part of that at this time.

    Just be sure to learn and understand the local laws regarding the use of cameras.

    @cdevroe Wyze camera are about as easy and cheap as can be. I’ve got a growing collection of them.
    The v2 has firmware for RTSP to work with a local machine.
    The outdoor (battery operated) cameras can write to the base station.
    The v3 cameras don’t have the RTSP firmware yet.

    These look interesting. I’ll dig a bit deeper. Thank you.

    @cdevroe I have also been toying with raspberry pi zero w with the pi cameras on board stuck to windows looking outsode, running motioneyeos. But that may be more fiddly than you’re looking for.

    I don’t know how long I can avoid getting a Raspberry Pi! It seems to be the answer to many of the fiddly things I’d like to do. If there are no out-of-the-box alternatives that meet my criteria, I may go in this direction.

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