In the late 90s I worked at a stock brokerage. Things I saw during that time (in the market, not at the firm) persuaded me to stay away from Wall Street as a personal investment channel. What we’re seeing with r/WallStreetBets simply solidifies that stance for me.

January 27, 2021

    @cdevroe I’m curious what you do suggest. It seems like the only real investment opportunities for the normal people is stocks or real estate which has it’s own problems.

    @agundy (This is not investment advice!) The first investment is in oneself. Second is in property. Third is cash. Fourth in businesses/people. Last is in riskier things like crypto or some other crazy idea.

    @cdevroe love the disclaimer :) when this plan goes belly up I’ll blame “@cdevroe on the internet”. But makes sense! I recently have been in the investing in myself and the people/community around me too.

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