I’ve long been a fan of Spotify. I don’t think it is arguable that it is better than all other streaming music services at recommending and surfacing music based on your habits. With Joe Rogan moving to Spotify, I’m going to test it podcast listening for a few weeks. Normally I use Pocket Casts on all platforms.

May 20, 2020

    @pat It is a changing landscape. I too wish it stayed as an open podcast, but that seemed like a pipe dream. No other media type is open these days. In fact, even movies I own I cannot watch where I’d like to. So, I’ve given up on the open web for things like this.

    @cdevroe It just strikes me as completely antithetical to what he has espoused on the show. Really disappointed he’s just another sellout.

    @cdevroe I’m not suggesting that any content not on the open web is a bad thing. I just believe he has a responsibility to the world given his power and influence to not sellout and to keep his content available for everyone. But of course, 💰💰💰

    @pat It is true, that he has said he wouldn’t want his stuff behind a paywall. But he likely views Spotify “free” as just another podcast player. And he views himself much like Stern does.

    Also likely, revenue plummeted on podcasts and YouTube in recent months. So he may have seen a ~$100M/yr deal as too good to pass up giving the current climate.

    @cdevroe Yes, I believe all of that is true and that he’s still a sellout 😉

    I don’t begrudge anyone choosing to move over with him. I worry their privacy is at risk, but likely no more so than when I use Google Maps. It just sucks for the hundreds of millions of people for whom Spotify isn’t an option.

    He’s made the right call from a business perspective, and as those of us who grew up with punk music would say, he’s now undeniably a sellout. My argument for remaining on the open web comes purely from a standpoint of valuing the greater good over personal profit.

    @cdevroe @pat I agree with you both. In my opinion it is a shame to move to a platform like Spotify. I think many content creators have a different understanding of free and open than we do. I find too many people still, even those with technical backgrounds, that think free is open and paid is closed. I can’t speak for the man but I imagine he is following the money and thinks it is a good compromise because the show remains free to his listeners.


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