I’ve edited my post from yesterday re: @ismh Stephen Hackett’s post on Twitter. I misread his post I guess. My bad.

January 24, 2019

    @cdevroe I’m just there for work, mostly. But part of me thinks it is doomed. No social network or Internet property is too big to fail.

    @ismh You might be right. I have a seed of an idea re: the medium of tweeting being the everlasting part. Like saying that newspapers will fail. The only thing that is going away is the paper, news is here to stay. Perhaps the same with tweeting or microblogging. Twitter may go away but somehow tweeting will live on as it is so powerful a medium.

    @cdevroe @ismh I think “the medium of tweeting” hits on the important part. As a concept, Twitter is amazing and that’s what we’ve all latched onto. As a company, Twitter hasn’t just dropped the ball, they’ve rolled the ball under the sofa and set the living room on fire.

    @chipotle love the analogy, but it’s true. So true

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