While Apple Maps has improved release-after-release it still seems to be inaccurate and incomplete when compared to the same locations in Google Maps. I don’t know if Apple can catch up. It seems Google Maps has much better usage and community support – which is what makes this sort of data better over time.

September 20, 2017

    It’s the old adage “good enough!”

    If Apple can include a default option (for anything, not just maps) that’s just good enough for a lot of users then they will be significantly less tempted to download an alternative from the competition.

    The ‘power of default’ also contributes sufficient user data thus enabling the gradual improvement we see from version to version.

    Their option doesn’t have to be the best, it just has to be good enough!

    I can’t believe that! Apple Maps is not even close to ‘good enough’ here in Seattle. It’s terrible in every way.

    Google has done some interesting things to keep improving their maps – constantly using user data to get better route info, asking users to submit fixes to both Waze and Google Maps.

    The former is a privacy horror that we now just live with, so Apple *not* doing it doesn’t make any difference to us. The latter, well that’s just good sense when it comes to collecting data about the entire world. Wonder why Apple doesn’t do it yet!

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