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Finished Contact by Carl Sagan. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The horrific and avoidable loss of life notwithstanding I believe many will wish quarantine life to continue when things begin to open up once again. I know I may be among them.

I uploaded my first photo to Flickr in a very long time. I’m thinking of joining the community of film enthusiasts there. I chose this photo. So if you’d like to see a much larger size go here.

I may have to take back what I wrote about the iPhone SE. Without doing much digging I suppose I just assumed it was still a smaller option. I guess it isn’t. The iPhone 8 form factor is fine (I have one that I use for the podcast) but the SE should be smaller.

It appears that some of my Gutenberg woes have been fixed in 7.9.0. I still think the latest redesign has a much steeper learning curve than the original UI – but at least some of the bugs seem to have been fixed.

The updated iPhone SE looks great. Kinda sorta wished I needed a new phone. Since I’m shooting mostly film these days I don’t really need my iPhone 11 Pro Max. But I am glad to have it.

Moved well over 20GB worth of photos in seconds yesterday using my script. MacBook didn’t break a sweat. I should have written this years ago.

If you use Trello for personal and/or business you may want to review this thread. Similar thing happened to me. The solution, for me, was to remove my work email from my account and keep it personal.

Quarantine project suggestion: Teach 1 person about RSS.

I don’t know what to feel or think about the I’m Back 35 digital sensor back for just about any 35mm SLR. But I think it is very cool.

I have two Instagram accounts. With Instagram on the web getting better I wanted to try it. But for the life of me I can’t figure out how to access the second account because they are “linked”.

Programming is a super power.

My photo archive script has been updated to accept command line arguments for locations and help information. You can grab and edit a copy here.

Nearly all “phone” calls, both business and personal, are now video chats. I’ve always thought we should be using video chats far more. I hope this change sticks around when quarantine begins to subside.

Airdropping files from Macbook to iPhone is lightning fast. Airdropping files from iPhone to Macbook takes several minutes to begin and almost always performs the action twice creating duplicates. Am I alone?

I’ve now published 15 episodes of my photography podcast. I have at least 9 episodes still to publish. But I need to get back to recording new episodes soon.

I still think blogs are the best.

I’ve crossed a big milestone with my photography during quarantine. I’ve moved on from the how, and am now focused on the why.

As I mentioned, I created a PHP script that I can run on my Mac to move thousands of files into new directories based on their created date. It extremely fast compared to my previous solution. If anyone would like to improve it, please do!

Creativity seems through-the-roof across the globe.

Writing PHP for the first time in well over a year. I need to move thousands of photographs on the Mac and automatically sort them into folders by their created date. In the past I used complex apps to do this. Turns out a few lines of code is all I need.

I turned our bedroom into a camera. And it works. So, quarantine has been productive I guess. Tomorrow paper comes so I can create a print.

The last 3 or 4 software updates to Gutenberg, WordPress’ content editor, has made it far harder to know how to use. It is demonstrably worse. I may actually revert to the 6.x branch for a while. Ouch.

I had no idea Kenny Rogers was a large format film photographer. Even in the Hall of Fame for it. Gorgeous work. Talented man.

In case you were too busy washing your hands, I recently released an episode of my photography podcast about shooting film.

So many App version update notes are canned junk lately. Not Wolfram’s.

You can now ask Siri “Do I have the Coronavirus?” Apple is keeping it up-to-date with the latest CDC protocol.

I’m looking for more film photographers with blogs. If you know any please leave a comment.

I fully expect social distancing to continue through 2020 and perhaps into 2021. From everything I’ve read we’re in for the long haul. To that end I ordered a big batch of film yesterday. Should hold me over a few months.