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I enjoyed a few relaxing days in sunny Florida. Coming back to the cold is tough but I’m ready to get back to being productive.

‪If you were 39,000,000 miles away from earth and the earth was covered in white clouds it would look like what Venus looks like right now.‬

I’ve turned off all POSSE related plugins for my blog for now. I just feel like it is too time consuming to get it working just the way I want it to. So, for the time being, I’m opting not to share my blog content via any social networks. If you’re subscribed to my site via RSS I thank you.

macOS has made setting up a new computer a one-step process for most people and a three-or-four-step process for developers. Incredibly easy.

Pretty happy with my decision to turn on the Super Bowl to watch the 4th quarter. Equally happy with my decision to make myself a milkshake.

Abstraction can assist automation. Keep going up until you hit the ceiling. Then retool your way back down. (Vague? Yes.)

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