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This week’s Random 60 video is all about wishing we spent more time on hobbies.

Short Android 10 review: Seems much snappier, appreciate the privacy updates, Dark Theme not fully baked even in Google’s own apps yet.

I’m not sure what was more work, restoring this classic Range Rover or making the video. It’s stop motion for the entire rebuild. Wow.

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Special Friday edition of Random 60…. A Spotify tip on listening to international music.

Looks like Twitter has been hacked.

For some unknown reason the WP Fastest Cache plugin is no longer expiring my RSS feed’s cache when I publish a new post. So I’m doing it manually.

Finally watching Parts Unknown Season 9. Couldn’t to do so before today.

Updated my Subscribe page to include a link to the now released NetNewsWire.

A few years ago I recorded a new season of a web video series I used to do called Random 60. I never published any of them. I’m thinking of publishing an episode per week. Here is the first episode: Money Ruins Passions? Will I publish another? 🤷‍♂️ Subscribe on YouTube to find out.