Colin Devroe

Senior Vice President Condron Media

Reverse engineer. Blogger. Investor. Photographer Hiker. Kayaker.

Abstraction can assist automation. Keep going up until you hit the ceiling. Then retool your way back down. (Vague? Yes.)

Looking forward to flying today. I’ll be sharing my flights via Instagram Stories starting in less than an hour.

I’ve just backed on Kickstarter. I hope Manton reaches his stretch goal. If you can find a few dollars in your couch cushions, or can forgo that flat white tomorrow morning, you’ll help build a platform that supports the free, open web we all want to continue to exist.

Generally speaking, automobiles get more expensive the larger they are. Electronics, on the other hand, get more expensive the smaller they are.

It is pretty jarring when you’re the last one in the office and the fax machine starts printing something and you temporarily forgot what a fax machine even was…

Auto mechanics should serve motor oil in their lobbies. It’d be much better than the “coffee” they serve.

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