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Blogs are the best.

I do less coding than ever and when I do I enjoy using VS Code. However, Nova looks great and I will buy it the moment Panic allows. We must support paid Mac apps.

My first darkroom print. Lots to learn but definitely a photographic milestone.

An entirely new chapter in my photographic journey begins. I picked up nearly all of the pieces I need to build a full darkroom in my basement.

Sunlit seems like an excellent way for me to quickly post status updates that include photos to my blog from my phone. Something I wish I could do a lot more often than I do but WordPress simply isn’t good at it. Excellent! Well done Manton.

Here is a photo of our Rose of Sharon bloom in the backyard. (Also, testing Sunlit.)

Back to work after an excellent 10-day staycation. I need more coffee.

The warehouse team at work is playing License to Ill. Loudly. I approve.

Finally took some time to look at Andrew Denty’s side-by-side screenshots of Catalina and Big Sur. I know these were early, and much has changed, but to my eye Big Sur looks pretty good.

First lawn mow at new house. ✅

Latest spam emails ask “Prefer fewer emails from me? Click here.” Fewer? How about zero?

I wish that either Safari had Containers or that Firefox had Safari’s tab view. But I cannot find a way to make either thing happen.

The R5 and R6 may very well save Canon. But then again, they may not. As a Canon fan this is worrisome.

I’m noticing that I’m sending this link much more often these days.

When I first read that Slack was taking Microsoft to court I thought it’d be too much of a distraction for Slack. Reading Stewart’s tweets makes me think they had no choice.

I think we may look back at many of the brand identities that Pentagram has redesigned lately as misfires. If you’re going to remove all personality from a mark it needs to end up being iconic. They are hitting somewhere in the middle in my opinion.

If someone could please make ear hair fashionable you’d be saving me some of my precious morning time.

Please consider adding a photo of yourself to your About page if you write a personal blog. See mine. Putting a face to a name helps a lot! When you do, spread the word so others do it too.

I wish I had the time to redesign my site’s home page. It is something I’ve been thinking about for years. I need to carve out the time to do it.

I feel like most people, including those that rail against Facebook, don’t have the stones to quit Instagram.

I thought I would update to Big Sur when Public Beta 2 arrived but I have far too much going on to take that chance (though, the OS does seem pretty solid from what I’m reading). I think I’ll wait for the public release in September at this point.

Quicktime on macOS bug: Hover to display controls. Roll off on left, right, or bottom of window, controls disappear. Roll off on the top of window and controls remain.

I hadn’t heard of Retrobatch by @ccgus until John linked to it. Perhaps I can use it to add EXIF information to my photos? If so, it can help me significantly in my current photo management workflow.

I’m looking for recommendations on personal homesteading blogs. Something like @dejus@yellowcottage. If you know of any, please let me know about them.

My wish list for this year’s WWDC was pretty well accommodated today. Once we are a few releases into the public betas we’ll know what we’ll really get come the fall.

Best WWDC since Cook took over.

I’ll be getting set up to watch the WWDC livestream on my living room TV with a beverage, some food, and my list.

I’m still importing photos and this morning I will pass 100,000 photos added to the Photos for Mac Library (as referenced files). Still lots more to import. So far the performance of Photos seems to be holding up. I can’t tag any photos right now – the interface “jumps” – but I can bounce around my library. I’m considering a brand-new USB-C hard drive just for this task.

Importing tens of thousands of photos into Photos for Mac, on a maxed out 16-inch MacBook Pro, cripples the machine. It is nearly unusable. Closing the app doesn’t help because it has background processes when the app is closed.