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We bought a car yesterday and it was an entirely enjoyable experience. Thanks Toyota! Also, I personally hope this is the last car we buy before we buy a fully-autonomous car.

Spotify (or any other music service tip): Create a playlist called “Listen Later” and toss any songs/albums/artists in there that you stumble upon during the day that you’d like to give more consideration later.

I’m currently reading a book about the Wright brothers and I’m thinking that Orville is an OG microblogger.

It seems my 20-minute audio rant about Microsoft from this weekend is quickly becoming my most popular audio bit.

First week of the NBA season has been pretty dramatic. I like it.

“That Vimeo video played perfectly for me.” – No one, ever.

Testing the latest build of’s Mac app beta, which is now compatible with macOS Sierra, thanks to Manton for listening to the community.

Listening to Manton’s 70th episode of Timetable. I like the “out and about” feel of it. It is similar to what I like to record for my audio bits.

Just waved at the ISS.

The LIGO/Virgo announcement earlier this year will end up proving to be a watershed moment in astrophysics. I knew it was big, but I don’t think I realized how far reaching this will end up being. Very exciting.

After a few weeks of reading sci-fi I’m looking forward to reading some non-fiction.

It is a beautiful fall day for apple picking and apple cider donuts. 

I’m a baseball fan in October.

Finished Star Wars: Aftermath – Empires End. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ – My immediate reaction isn’t good. I liked the first two but expected so much more from this one.

iOS 11.1 Beta 2 doesn’t seem to be identifying people in photos. But the OS has no indication of this process that I know of.

I’ve spent most of the day writing JavaScript (fun!) which was an opportunity to try out ES 2018, the MDN docs, and laugh while reading Eevee’s take on the latest JavaScript spec updates.

As I watch drivers swerve back and forth I’m very thankful to Apple for finally giving us Driving Mode in iOS 11. After just a few weeks I don’t even have the desire to check my phone while driving.

So excited for The Last Jedi trailer this evening.