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DJI just sent out an email with the tagline: Unleash Your Other Side. It includes a reflective photo of a woman underwater. My guess is May 15 will bring a new underwater product but I don’t understand the tagline.

I see cries that the upcoming Android Q copies iOS’s gestures from the iPhone X. It definitely does. However, this copy began in Android P. In fact, short of the back button the gestures are entirely the same.

I’m giving Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge Insider browser a week of being my default. Immediately miss Firefox’s Containers feature. It may be a feature I simply can’t live without.

Gurman’s scoops, like this one, are always so full of cruft in the style of writing. I wish they were just bulleted-lists of what’s to come.

The WordPress iOS app is still quite terrible. Then again, most of the alternatives are too. I think someone needs to start completely fresh on how to tackle this on touch devices.

This time of year is always good for developers with Microsoft’s Build, Google I/O and Apple’s WWDC happening within the span of a few months. This week is Microsoft Build and I’m looking forward to seeing some great announcements.

Speaking of amazing space images, this amateur image of the Large Magellanic Cloud is so cool. Go here and use scroll-wheel to zoooooom in. Or download it. /via samgrover on

I still feel that Windows Phone should have continued development.

Last evening’s catch.

For the record, I would buy a foldable device.