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The latest update to the VSCO app is everything I wish Instagram would be. No likes. No follower counts. High resolution images. Reposts. Excellent update. Follow me there.

I love to see what @Miraz is doing with sound + photos. Very reminiscent of my podcast. Except from New Zealand! More people should do this.

Following my watching of the Elsa Dorfman doc, I watched Seeing Daylight, which is about Dorothy Bohm. So much inspiration to be found in bodies of work rather than singular images.

Watched The B-Side, Errol Morris’ doc about Elsa Dorfman and her excellent Polaroid portraits on Netflix. Be sure to see her website.

I have several blog posts that get thousands of pageviews per week for years running. For the first time, my podcast page is in the top spot. Thanks to all those that have subscribed. More episodes coming. And improved audio too.

I was able to update my podcast’s page with a link to subscribe on Pocket Casts (my app of choice) and a few other apps. I edited the content, order of the apps, and added an image too.

I’m starting to see my photography skills grow. It may not seem like it, from recent captures compared to those in the past, but I’m doing things I’ve never done before. It is like making an entirely new recipe rather than the one you’ve made 100 times.

My podcast has propagated to Overcast – which is likely many iOS users podcatcher of choice. It is interesting how many different ways to consume a podcast there are now and how you sort of have to support them all.

My podcast is now available on Apple Podcasts! I updated the list of places you can subscribe. More to come this week.

I’m pretty amped about the next episode of Photowalking with Colin podcast. Publishing it tonight.