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đŸ‘‹ to the 1 person in Japan that listened to the most recent episode of my podcast. I see you.

Two recent modern frustrations: Open an app I had open previously, it opens to its default view rather than where I was. Hit the back button in my browser, the page is no longer the same as it was when I was there. This is a regression of how things used to be.

The latest episode of Photowalking with Colin is getting a fair number of listens. Cheekily looking at the stats and the drone episode is now the most popular with the testing the iPhone 11 Pro Max episode coming in second. Oh, and new cover art now!

I didn’t realize Disney+ had profiles until Mike Haynes mentioned it. Excellent.

Lots of chatter that Instagram will be doing a test where they hide like counts on some US-based accounts this week. I say turn them all off right now.

The iOS home screen is pretty terrible. Very difficult to move apps around. Hasn’t been updated much since very early versions. I much prefer Android’s home screen options.

Whoa, the UK (and many other countries) won’t get The Mandalorian for 4 months? Expect piracy to be through the roof for the show.

To someone that may not know the context, “Google Open Sources Cardboard” must be a head-scratching headline.

The latest update to the VSCO app is everything I wish Instagram would be. No likes. No follower counts. High resolution images. Reposts. Excellent update. Follow me there.

I love to see what @Miraz is doing with sound + photos. Very reminiscent of my podcast. Except from New Zealand! More people should do this.