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Aquaman 👎👎

New goal; learn more wild plants.

PocketCast’s web player, and Windows desktop app, recently became increasingly important to me now that I no longer have a commute. It works very well and is definitely worth the one-time price.

I used to take these overhead “selfies” wherever I went. I should start doing it again.

Four photos from over my head

If a site only works in Chrome it isn’t a web site it is a Chrome site.

Great ad for Hipcamp. The video is already 4 years old but I only just saw it this morning.

I find that the most productive and sustainable diets are not based on deprivation but rather moderation.

Just figured out that Libby, the app I use to get books/audiobooks free from our local library, syncs across devices. So I’ll be able to keep my current reading pace a bit easier now.