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As I’ve done in the past this time of year, I’m taking a social media break. I’m aiming for 60 days but it could be more or less based on my mood. Expect far less here on my blog. But I’ll still be uploading to YouTube.

It is Wednesday, that means it is time for another episode of your favorite web video series Random 60: How is smoking still a thing?

The Apple Watch Series 5 ad must have been very fun to make. It is very, very good. Also, voiced by Michael Cera.

Felt appropriate to publish a special episode of Random 60 before tomorrow’s Apple Event. Do you need the latest tech? Liking or subscribing on YouTube is most appreciated.

I’ve gotten a few requests to allow email subscriptions to my blog. Does anyone have any recommended services that make this easy?

Looking at Remy’s use of service workers pretty closely.

What company will purchase Snap just for its glasses technology and software?

I’m guessing Alphabet/Google and MSFT are watching very closely. Twitter should be but probably isn’t. FB won’t try again.

Super excited to announce that the entire back catalog (circa 2007) of the world’s best web video series – Random 60 – is now available on YouTube. Grab the kids and a drink and enjoy.

Recording an episode of How I Built It with Joe Casabona.

Updated Firefox across all my devices. If you’re reading this and you use Chrome, please consider giving Firefox a try. I highly recommend using Containers – a feature I can no longer live without.