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Just downgraded iCloud and Drive to their least expensive plans. Sick of dealing with the cloud. I’m now investing in my own storage.

Just drafted a lengthy post entirely within LinkedIn’s editor. It isn’t terrible but with a few tweaks it could be so much better.

Discover Weekly is the DJ of the decade.

Fiddled with a GoPro, and related software, for the first time in a few years today. No wonder they’re hurting as a company. Software is a mess.

Hello High Sierra. Don’t break.

No one Micro Monday’d me.

I used a Surface Book in tablet mode pretty extensively this weekend. MSFT still hasn’t made tablet mode nearly as “touchable” as iOS. And, software developers haven’t either. Using Chrome is infuriating in tablet mode. Much more improvement needed there.

Change is the only constant.

Latest app store submission was rejected because the iPhone-only app’s layout is a tiny bit wonky on an iPad mini (this app isn’t made for iPads). Now to update it I need latest SDK which is in latest Xcode beta. Which requires High Sierra. Apple finally got me. I’m cornered. I have no choice but to upgrade. 😠

Picked up The Abyss special edition at the local library (the only place I could find it) and re-watched it after having just finished the book. So good. This is the only novel that I can say works as a companion and enhances the experience so much. Thanks library.

Releasing an app on the Google Play Store — 20 clicks

Releasing an app on the iOS App Store — Some multiple of the number of clicks you’ve ever clicked in your life.

I can’t confirm that LIGO is down for repairs. But I believe it is. Imagine how many gravitational waves we are missing while it is down.

Split-screen on Android is excellent for driving. Waze on top, Pocket Casts below. 🙌

Podcatcher app use pro tip: Learn new podcatching apps while seated in a warm, non-moving environment rather than trying to learn it in the car or while jogging.

Looks like Google I/O and Microsoft Build are scheduled for the same week. Bad planning. That isn’t good for either of them.

Finished reading The Abyss. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ It added so much more to the film. Recommended.

I remember when being a computer nerd spending countless hours online wasn’t cool. Then it minted millionaires and internet celebrities.

Today being a space nerd looking at the stars for countless hours may have made that same jump.

I literally can’t even right now…

I’ve finally purchased and switched to Pocket Casts on my phone. In a week or two I’ll write up a comparison of it to Google Play Music for podcast listening but I’m pretty sure anything will be better than GPM.

I’m so glad I watched the Falcon Heavy launch live. That is a moment I’ll remember for many years.