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Finished Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy over the weekend ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ . A laugh-out-loud read for sure.

While I’m not drawn to the new Samsung phones I’m very glad to see them pushing the envelope. Huge screen, massive performance, can get 1TB of space in your pocket, a pen, USB-C, tons of RAM. This is truly a computer in your pocket.

Try to help @manton and @macgenie with support. They will likely need it. If you see someone asking a question and you know that answer, simply reply. (This would be easier with search. When Mastodon blew up this also happened.)

So Brent is done and so is Matt. Even if all of us very early Twitter power users (I was user 10,000 or so) left Twitter it wouldn’t matter to them at all. Brent is correct. Saying Twitter is bad is better said with your feet than your fingers. I rarely tweet these days and write here much more. I think I’ll continue for 30 more years at least.

It will never happen, but imagine a world where “everyone” that uses Twitter just posted to their own blog? What a world that would be! I do, however, see another fairly large exodus happening. It won’t hurt Twitter one iota.

Used my Dell XPS 13” 9370 to edit a drone video today. Zero lag dealing with several gigabytes of 4K video. So glad I chose this little thing.

I need to find a place with gigabit Internet speed for a few days. I have so much data that I need to get down and up. I’m downloading tens-of-gigabytes of application software, uploading hundreds of gigabytes to OneDrive and then again to Google Drive (which is why I hope this is real). Ugh.

Updated my Windows 10 checklist to include a few more links including DropIt, HEIF Image support, and more.

MeToday: May 6, 2018 – Eliza and I stopped on our way home in Jim Thorpe for shopping, drinks. (belatedly published)

MeToday: May 5, 2018 – Eliza and I at Longwood Gardens. (belatedly published)