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Instagram’s “Add post to your Story” feature is their Retweet. I like it.

Speaking of fishing. Here’s a recent catch.

An 18.5 inch brook trout, in my hand, with a small creek in the background.

Finished Leonard da Vinci by Walter Isaacson. ⭐⭐⭐⭐ A worthy read. da Vinci was a very interesting person. Isaacson lays it on pretty thick when describing his paintings though. Other than that, so many lessons to tease out of it.

I haven’t been blogging as much. Spending a lot of free time fishing. And that is totally OK.

It pains me to visit a blog where the latest post states “I’m going to post more! I promise!” and the post is 6 months old. Ugh. It reminds me of my #1 blogging tip

Each time I read one of Jeremy’s posts on how he handles POSSE, Webmention, or other neat Indiewebby things – I get the urge to write some code for my site. But then I get into it a little and get overwhelmed. Too much work to support all these social networks. I do, however, want to improve how my webmentions look on other people’s sites. I need to fix that.

Midway through a biography of Leonardo Da Vinci and I’m convinced if he were alive today he wouldn’t have a GitHub account. All local private repos. All unfinished. All brilliant.

Whenever a beta is released for a major piece of my software stack I’m tempted to update. I factor in what I’m working on and whether or not it would effect my productivity. If it would, I don’t update. If not, I roll with it and report bugs as I can.

Demoed the React app I’ve been working on to our team today. It worked! Pretty excited about what we’re making with this. Fun project. Looking forward, though, to someone taking it off my hands soon. (Could it be you?)

The bear I mentioned. Turns out (after closer inspection and research) it is likely a ~400lb male black bear. At one point, I was about 10′ from him.

a black bear walking in a field