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I took a few minutes to watch some reactions to the teaser trailer for The Rise of Skywalker at lunch. I expected positive reactions but I’d say this teaser was off the charts.

Lots of vitriol spewed at the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Yes, they should have just called it a working prototype. But I applaud them for pushing into new areas rather than simply copying others.

My happy place lately. Learning to fish is more nuanced than first glance but I’ve been enjoying every frustrating lesson.

Lackawanna River at sunset.

Unmark has been growing at just the right pace. We’re doing zero promotion to let it grow organically and allow us to continue to push regular updates (5 major updates this year) to make it better. Looking forward to starting to market it in the coming months.

Looking back through my photos of Iceland. We really need to go back and explore more of that wonderful place.

At this point, I would need Apple to abandon the current MacBook keyboard design to even consider buying a new MacBook. I wouldn’t even mind if they simply reverted to a previous reliable design.

Someone emailed me to request use of this image on their site and they paid me to use it. Thus following my licensing terms. Licensing my images has increased their usage over the last year. More on this in a future post.

Indie web question: Any recommendations for a better WordPress plugin for sending webmentions? I’m using the Webmention plugin but it doesn’t seem to send a comprehensive webmention. See this. Or, am I doing something incorrectly?

Hey Chris!

I love watching YouTube videos to learn from people that have thousands of hours more experience than I do. I often find it isn’t what they are saying or explaining that I learn from the most – it is from watching what they are doing.