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Quicktime on macOS bug: Hover to display controls. Roll off on left, right, or bottom of window, controls disappear. Roll off on the top of window and controls remain.

I hadn’t heard of Retrobatch by @ccgus until John linked to it. Perhaps I can use it to add EXIF information to my photos? If so, it can help me significantly in my current photo management workflow.

I’m looking for recommendations on personal homesteading blogs. Something like @dejus@yellowcottage. If you know of any, please let me know about them.

My wish list for this year’s WWDC was pretty well accommodated today. Once we are a few releases into the public betas we’ll know what we’ll really get come the fall.

Best WWDC since Cook took over.

I’ll be getting set up to watch the WWDC livestream on my living room TV with a beverage, some food, and my list.

I’m still importing photos and this morning I will pass 100,000 photos added to the Photos for Mac Library (as referenced files). Still lots more to import. So far the performance of Photos seems to be holding up. I can’t tag any photos right now – the interface “jumps” – but I can bounce around my library. I’m considering a brand-new USB-C hard drive just for this task.

Importing tens of thousands of photos into Photos for Mac, on a maxed out 16-inch MacBook Pro, cripples the machine. It is nearly unusable. Closing the app doesn’t help because it has background processes when the app is closed.

I purchased a set of Soundcore Q20’s and I like them so far. But I can’t control the volume via macOS, I have to on the headphones themselves. However, if I open Zoom or some other app, I can? Weird. Anyone know how to fix that?

It still haven’t successfully paired a mouse with my iPad Pro. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong – but we are several releases of iPadOS in from when support for pointing devices was added and I still can’t get it to work.

This weekend I didn’t do very well with this. I’m going to try harder this week.

Developed two rolls of film today and completely botched the process. Made some adjustments and somehow the negatives look decent. I have no idea how.

All pop-ups on page visit should be blocked. I don’t care if you’re giving me 100% off, I don’t want to see the pop-up. No, wait, how about only if you’re giving me 100% off is it OK to show me a pop-up. Thanks.

The 16-inch MacBook Pro should have come with a card reader and perhaps a USB-A slot. There is plenty of room and what Pro in 2020 doesn’t need both of those things regularly? Other than this complaint… well, you’ll just have to wait for the review.

Over the weekend, Emulsive published my guest post in their 5 frames series. Subscribers to my blog will recognize the photos.

Question for 1Password users… When I generate a new password I always get two entries in 1P. One generically named and one named the service after I log in. Am I the only one? Am I doing something wrong?

The last few mornings I’ve been toying with making a web UI for my photo script (and extending it into a full photo library management tool). I’ve hit a roadblock working with files using a web app. Not sure I want to write a Mac app this summer. I’m disappointed.

Perhaps I’ll pick the best ideas I had and extend the CLI. And maybe, just maybe I’d pick this project up in the winter and write a Mac app.

This Obsidian app is really very good. It may replace Simplenote for me.

The 16-inch MacBook Pro is very fast.

After six weeks, my PHP script for moving my photos into their proper locations (local, backup hard drive, and One Drive) is working well. I’m considering building a simple web interface for it. See also.

Follow-up on using Spotify for podcasts: They have a very long way to go before they are on par with even the most basic podcast apps. This leads me to believe they will have a standalone, free, podcasting app by year end.

New 16-inch MacBook Pro is en route. Suddenly current 13-inch MacBook Pro feels more sluggish than a few days ago. Does it know?

Unmark version 2020.1 has officially rolled into master today. This is a huge milestone with tons of new features and improvements. It has been running on for months and purrs like a kitten. Unmark is still my favorite app I use every single day.

After less than a day on Spotify for podcasts, I can say the desktop experience is not very good but the mobile one is OK. They have a lot of work to do to catch up to the status quo in the podcast player space.

I’d like to shoot a photo for an album cover.

I see people handing out book recommendations. Fun! Here are mine. I’m going to spend some time looking through all of yours.

I’ve long been a fan of Spotify. I don’t think it is arguable that it is better than all other streaming music services at recommending and surfacing music based on your habits. With Joe Rogan moving to Spotify, I’m going to test it podcast listening for a few weeks. Normally I use Pocket Casts on all platforms.

Now that my new day job has settled into a groove, and I’ve been able to complete a few paid gigs, I’ve updated my hire page to reflect that I have some availability.

Jeremy asks what our favorite photo is. Very hard question. But I’d have to choose Disfarmer #41383.

Nick Carver is giving away 2 seats to his online light metering for film photography course for those that may not be able to afford it.