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There seems to be an influx of emails that are ending up in the Spam inbox that shouldn’t lately. Even direct replies to my emails. This is happening both for Gmail and Office 365.

So many celebrities are starting podcasts. And many of them seem to be therapy sessions for both host and guest.

Og podcasters, stick with it. They will suck up a lot of the ad oxygen for a bit but the fad will pass.

Squarespace is remarkably good. The experience is light-years better than any other platform. I set up a new site to sell my Dad’s art in minutes. Thanks to @gruber’s The Talk Show for the promo code.

Just donated to Wikimedia.

Finished Outbreak by Robin Cook. ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Good: Fast paced, easy read, female heroine. Meh: Predictable, love subplot, a few overt racist terms.

I don’t have analytics on my blog. So I don’t know if one topic or post has done better than another. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. I blog for me.

Still happy with how my image gallery works on my blog. I should post more often to it. Trying to catch up.

1Password gave me a 1-year subscription that I was able to give away for free. This is such a nice way for paid services to spread to people that may never give them a try. Go beyond gifting and enable giving.

New music Friday kinda bleh this week. That Billie Eilish joint for Apple tho 👌

I have a cold.