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Speaking of Apple software releases… Seeing the many issues still in Beta 10 of Big Sur I’m glad I’ve skipped the beta. I plan on skipping at least one public release as well.

iOS 14.1 is out today. I still think waiting until iOS 14.2 or 14.2.1 would be best. My guess is that 14.2 will be out shortly after people start getting their iPhones 12 on Friday. So, to avoid most major issues with large iOS releases, all we had to do was wait about a month.

It is fantastic to find a new podcast or “TV” show that I like. It is terrible when I catch up on the back catalog.

I’m a huge red onion fan.

I’m giving Apple Music another trial month again. It has been a few years since I wrote my observations. We’ll see if it’s improved.

At a stop light in Scranton, Pennsylvania around 5pm on October 13, 2020. Nothing glamorous today for’s A Day in the Life – just driving to get grocery pick-up.

No matter what Apple announces today, I hope the iPhone 12 proves to be a solid, reliable computing device for Eliza. Her iPhone Xs has given her a lot of issues over the last few months.

Clicking the “Create a new Xcode project” button.

Movie studios should just stop holding onto the idea of theaters reopening. Release them online for a fee – direct to consumer. They may make more money doing so.

Unmark 2020.3 has just been released. It has been running on the hosted version for a little while but today it rolled out to all of you that run it locally. Enjoy!

It is always nice when a post, like this one, begins to hit the front-page of search engines and people experiencing similar issues are able to find the post and fix them.

I’ve been on the Mac since the early aughts and I had no idea I could hide the Menu Bar. Giving that a try for a bit. So far I like it.

I am “my compost pile makes me exceedingly happy” years old.

If you own an Epson scanner you may be able to get Silverfast SE (a much more robust and quicker scanning software) for free. Get your serial number and go here.

Watching @adactio‘s screencast demo of a Huffduffer feature was a rollercoaster of emotions. He removed me, added me, removed me! I hope he added me! Good reminder to use Huffduffer again.

Learning this darkroom thing.

Can someone with experience using Symfony contact me please? I’m in sort of a bind. Can pay for your time to help me unclog the pipes.

Me: Lay down for a late-afternoon nap out in the backyard.

Apple Watch, a few minutes into the nap: Time to stand!

The Blacklight tool that is going around shows that I have no idea if you’re on my web site or not. And I plan to keep it that way.

The #iOS14HomeScreen tag is interesting to watch. Customizing my computer when I was younger helped me to learn so much that led to a career in computing. I wonder if that will be the same for some customizing home screens.

A few basement darkroom test print strips. I’m able to steal a few minutes in the darkroom now and then.

Your iPhone and iPad may suggest updating to iOS 14 today… Based on what I’ve read I would suggest many should wait a few weeks (say, 6 to 8 weeks) before doing the update. That is what I’m going to do.

I verified my site with, turned on cross-posting to Twitter and Mastodon via M.b and also added Eric Meyer’s reply links idea to my feed.

I wonder if Apple has too many iPad choices.

First frost.

Blogs are the best.

I do less coding than ever and when I do I enjoy using VS Code. However, Nova looks great and I will buy it the moment Panic allows. We must support paid Mac apps.

My first darkroom print. Lots to learn but definitely a photographic milestone.

An entirely new chapter in my photographic journey begins. I picked up nearly all of the pieces I need to build a full darkroom in my basement.