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After reading and listening to so many favorable reviews I’m installing the iOS 11 public beta on my iPad.

After a few weeks of using Apple Music daily I’m nearly ready to write a short review. But I can say that Apple Music loads far slower than Spotify.

Peter De Vries wrote “Write drunk. Edit sober.” I feel the same about most ideas. Speed through version 1 as fast as you possibly can getting all of your ideas onto the “canvas”. Then slow down, remove anything unneeded, and refine version 2. Version 2 should be what you ship.

Programming isn’t very difficult. However, frameworks, dependencies, device hardware and software fragmentation, and distribution are all very difficult.

One simple way to jazz up your digital calendar is to throw an emoji or two into the event titles. đź•ş

It is a gorgeous late spring day and the daylight hours are nice and long. I love June but I can’t help but think the slide to shorter days will begin in less than two weeks.

I’m waiting to write a full comparison of my WWDC wish list to what is being announced by Apple because as WWDC week continues more news leaks out. Suffice to say more and more of my list is getting checked off as the week goes by.

I’ve been using Apple Music today. There is a bit of a learning curve but it is far, far better than when I tried it when it was released.

I forgot a huge iOS wish; driving mode. A mode that auto-responds to all SMS messages that I’m driving and stops any notifications from popping up.

Transferring my scribbles from one bullet journal to the next. This is likely the most valuable exercise in the method.

Tech hardware promo videos too often showcase the materials and making of a device rather than the use of the device. More use please.

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