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My podcast has propagated to Overcast – which is likely many iOS users podcatcher of choice. It is interesting how many different ways to consume a podcast there are now and how you sort of have to support them all.

My podcast is now available on Apple Podcasts! I updated the list of places you can subscribe. More to come this week.

I’m pretty amped about the next episode of Photowalking with Colin podcast. Publishing it tonight.

Super short Pixel 4 thoughts: Looks like a nice, solid phone but it not be compelling enough for me to upgrade from the Pixel 2 XL. I’ll write more in the future.

I’ve created a page on my web site for my new photowalking podcast with details on how to subscribe. I’m two episodes in and I’m really enjoying it. I also updated my about page.

Today’s Microsoft Surface event was fantastic. I have lots and lots of thoughts but I’ll wait until they refresh their site with more information.

This evening I went for a photowalk and recorded it using Anchor. Give it a spin here. It should be available everywhere you get podcasts soon.

Need a new painting? Or, perhaps a gift for someone? My father has a few paintings up for sale through the end of the year. It’d make his day if you bought one.

iPadOS tip: To invoke column view in Files app, “pull down on the UI a little” and you’ll find a new menu bar with icons to change your view setting. I had to watch several YouTube videos before I found this.

Why are “tl;dr” synopsis often at the end of long pieces of text? Wouldn’t the point be to put them at the beginning?