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Podcasters, is there a different way to submit a podcast to Apple besides Podcasts Connect? It appears to have been down for more than two days now.

Thanks to everyone on for helping me with MarsEdit and Markdown. I think I got it working now.

So, how do I use Markdown with MarsEdit?

So I’ve back pedaled from this on the gram and am now back to my minimal edits of my photos. It was a fun experiment but I do not think (for me) heavily filtered photos hold up longterm. 

Hello from MarsEdit 4.0. So nice to be using a Mac app to post a status update.

YouTube has ratcheted up the ads. I see one on every video now, many unskippable. Perhaps it is the time of year?

Commendation is underrated in the workplace. Be sure to give out ample commendation. It serves multiple purposes; it shows you’re grateful for everyone’s hard work and allows your critiques to land more softly when they’re given.

Doesn’t look like iOS 11.2 turned on Apple Pay Cash after all. At least, not on my phone yet.

The moon looks very big tonight! But, the next Supermoon (Perigee) isn’t until Monday night when it will be only 222,000 miles away – 30,000 miles closer than when it is the furthest (Apogee) away.

🌠 The more you know.

Day 3 of not charging Apple Watch Series 3. Still at 70%. This method works great. (for me)

Second time I’ve felt an earthquake in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Just making a note here so I remember.

To prepare for The Last Jedi release I’ll be re-watching the franchise in the famed “Machete Order”. Except I’ll modify it for 2017. In order: Star Wars Rogue One, IV, V, I, II, III, VI, VII. In that order.

Apple’s aversion to showing progress bars is starting to get to me. Don’t add a pie indicator in some random corner of the UI, give me an easy-to-see progress indicator.

Finished A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – Excellent read. Better than Neil de Grasse’s latest. Also, this was my first library loan using Kindle. Great experience. Will do again.

Wednesday that feels like Friday. Wefriday. Fwinesday. Fridnesday.

As an aside to this, 1I/2017 U1 is on its way out of our Solar System at 100,000mph (which will “slow” to ~58,000mph soon). Still, it will take 20,000 years for it to leave our Solar System. Incredible.

The last time I shared invite codes they went very quickly. Here are 5. First come, first served. mb-ed28cc, mb-d0f852, mb-dbb439, mb-9b86e4, mb-c0629e.

Never delete a Time Machine backup without first zipping it. 3,000,000 individual files on an external drive takes a while to delete it turns out.

Open Apple Photos. Uploading 77,690 photos to iCloud. Let sit for 3 days uploading. Check on it. Now uploading 71,200 photos to iCloud. Let sit for 3 days uploading. Check on it. Now uploading 79,304 photos to iCloud. Throw MacBook into nearest river.