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E7: The advantages of underestimating

Would I have begun work on Barley 2 in November of last year if I had fully known the amount of work it would be to complete it? Maybe not. But I’m glad I didn’t know and I’m glad I didn’t chicken out.

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E6: Verizon, iPhone SE, Yeti

The iPhone SE is for me and Yeti is changing my life.


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E5: Cereal thoughts and missed opportunities

I’m upset with myself for not recording more audio.

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E4: Cast iron sizzlin’

E3: Owl sounds

In early-winter 2014 I recorded some owls in my backyard. Perhaps you’d like to hear them too?

For a much better recording of owls, listen here.

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E2: Milk basketball

On a short drive I talk about an annoying habit that I have.


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E1: Publishing a test

Something new! 🙂

Inspired yet again by Manton Reece and his Timetable microcast I’ve decided to start sharing some audio bits here on my site.

Today I recorded a few short test bits and ended up listening to this one and thought it a perfect representation of what to expect from me. So, here is E1. Enjoy.

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