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Should I update to Big Sur 11.1?

In early November I wrote that I’d be delaying my update to Big Sur. Specifically, I wrote:

I’ll be waiting for at least two releases before I update.

Well, 11.1 came out today. Depending on how you count, it is sort of the third release of Big Sur. There was 11.0, 11.0.1, and now 11.1.

Honestly, I had my eye on updating to Big Sur a few days after 11.2’s release. I figured that would happen sometime in late-January or early February. Surely by then many of the larger issues I’d read about will be resolved.

After reading Craig Mod’s tweets this weekend about Big Sur I’m tempted to update. I realize his comments are flavored by his using an M1 Mac, but that doesn’t make me much less eager to update.

Like hunger, if I wait a little while the feeling will fade away. Only to come back stronger in the near future.

Craig Mod on the speed of nvALT

Craig Mod, in an essay that has been linked by just about every blog I’m subscribed to:

One of my most used, most speedy pieces of software is nvALT.1 It’s an oddly named, very bland application. Just a database of plain text files with a plain text editor bolted on. But it’s fast. The fastest piece of text cataloging software I’ve used. It opens instantly and produces results instantly. My nvALT database is full of ten years of notes. Open it and your cursor is already in the search field.

I used nvALT for a long time. I do miss its speed. Currently I keep loose notes in Simplenote. On Windows 10 it opens slower than any other app on my computer. I’ve sent the Simplenote team a few notes via Twitter but the Simplenote app is seldom updated so I don’t have any expectation of this ever getting better.

Does anyone know a super fast note taking software on Windows 10 and Android?

The rest of Mod’s essay is worth a read if you haven’t read it.