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This watchOS update is an incredible improvement. Apple must have a huge amount of resources on Watch.

MSFT’s E3 Xbox Keynote has had gallons and gallons of more blood in it than Apple’s WWDC Keynote will. Turning off E3 Keynote.

WWDC 2016 wish list

Wish lists have been swirling around these last few days and many of them are quite good. But none of them are mine. So here is my wish list, not my predictions, for what will be announced today at WWDC. I hope Siri can do a lot more – I think we’re overdue on being […]


App Store Subscriptions

Yesterday the news hit of Apple’s changes to App Store policies and features including allowing developers to leverage Subscriptions for their applications so that they can better make a living making great apps. This, from John Gruber’s coverage at Daring Fireball: Now, subscription-based pricing will be an option for anysort of app, including productivity apps and games. […]


Got Loop’d

It is always a pleasure to be linked to from The Loop. Yesterday, one of my posts about Photos for OS X and what I think can be done to improve it, was linked to (at my behest) by Dave Mark. My link is in good company there. Be sure to check out the other […]


I’ll start out this post, as most empathic developers would, by saying that I realize how hard syncing is. It is incredibly hard to get right. The fact that it works at all is magic. It is amazing. And I’m tickled that I even have it.

That being said, we’re a few years away from men and women walking on the surface of Mars. So I guess we can expect a bit more from Apple’s photo experience.


Year one of the Apple Watch

In January I wrote:

Today Apple releases their quarterly earnings statement and while they won’t directly comment on the number of Watches sold — or how those numbers breakdown between the different styles of watch — analysts have backed into a figure that settles in around $6 billion dollars.


Photo stats and observations

As I’ve been moving my photos from Picturelife into Photos for OS X over the passed two weeks I’ve run across some interesting observations so I thought I’d jot them down.


YouTube user TechisGeek has a video showing how to put Apple EarPods back in the case. You’ll only need to watch the first 45 seconds before you say “I got it.” I struggled with this all weekend. Not anymore.


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[caption id="attachment_3792" align="alignright" width="200" caption=""Move to trash" inactive."][/caption]

I use Smart Albums in iPhoto for a number of reasons, which I plan on covering in an upcoming post, but every once and a while I find a few photos that I’d like to delete. Not just delete from the Smart Album but actually delete from my entire Library. Until today I had not figured out how to do that.

The problem: When you have a photo selected in a Smart Album and you want to delete it the ‘Move to trash’ option in the Photos menu is inactive. I thought I had tried every single key combination I could think of, tried dragging the photo, tried to “find the photo in the Library” (like iTunes can do) and still nothing seemed to work.

The solution: Dom Barnes came to my rescue on Twitter. The magic keystroke is CMD OPT DEL. Or, Command, Option and Delete, when you have the photo(s) selected that you want to delete. This will move those photos to the Trash (even though iPhoto doesn’t show you this option anywhere).

This is going to save me a lot of time. Thanks Dom.


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