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I really need to start blowing through some film. Ironically I also need to buy a bunch before the prices go up in January.


nitinkhanna says:

@cdevroe why will prices go up in January?

seishonagon says:

@nitinkhanna Kodak has just announced massive price hikes. Too many hipsters competing with us aficionados.

cdevroe says:

@nitinkhanna Distributors got an email earlier this month that Kodak Alaris is raising film prices. You can read the email here

nitinkhanna says:

@cdevroe is it just me or the email didn’t talk about the amount of increase? Just said “significant”…

@seishonagon that’s unwelcome news. I shoot mostly digital but I’ve two rolls in two cameras and a few more still in the box. I expose about 1 roll per month. Film is my hobby within a hobby.

@nitinkhanna film prices for certain Kodak stock is already high. The cheapest Kodacolour at just under US$5. The better films such as Portra and Ektachrome are over US$10.

@cdevroe maybe the price increase will dissuade hipsters and the cost of legacy cameras will drop. 😃

nitinkhanna says:

@khurtwilliams that’s $5 for a role of 20 something photos? Just curious as to whether the number of shots you can take with a role is still the same as it was all those years ago.

@nitinkhanna a 36 exposure rolls of Kodak ColorPlus 200 is $5. A 36 exposure roll of Ektachrome E100 is $15.

@cdevroe Kodak raised film prices in Q1 2020. This is a second price increase.……

cdevroe says:

@nitinkhanna My guess is a 5-10% increase. I may have read that somewhere but I don’t have a link.

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