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Nice overview of Flickr’s somewhat recently updated Explore algorithm. Best feature? Not a single yoga pant booty shot to be found.


de says:

@cdevroe Iā€™m a big fan of Flickr.

@cdevroe Wow, I’d forgotten how much exceptional photography exists on Flickr ā€” I really need to start making it part of my social network rounds.

cdevroe says:

@AngeloStavrow The film community there has been excellent. And if you care about how photos appear – without compression, with EXIF, etc. – then it is far and away the best place to share photos.

@cdevroe I keep wanting to get back into the hobby ā€” it’s been many years since I sold off my 5Dii and fancy glass, and about as long since I’ve sort of just stopped sharing photos. My own Flickr profile only has a pair of unimpressive iPhone photos; as I’ve mentioned in conversations with @Jack, I should start carrying my old Olympus μ4:3 Pen around with me more often.

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