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Learning this darkroom thing.


adders says:

@cdevroe Oh, that makes me nostalgic. I used to run the school darkroom 30 years ago – and had my own in my parents’ house.

jack says:

@adders How fun! Printing is a wild combination of frustration and joy. I’m happier now since I’ve decided I prefer making 5×7 rather than larger prints. Less fear of making expensive mistakes! Are you doing all 35mm?

zorn says:

@cdevroe Nice. I loved my time in the darkroom at college.

cdevroe says:

@adders I have no doubt I could learn very much from you. Care to stop by for a pint and a darkroom session? 🙂

cdevroe says:

@zorn It is a lot of fun. Looking forward to spending some of the winter under the red light.

cdevroe says:

@jack Were you asking me or @adders? Perhaps’s not including all in the thread bit you? (cc @manton)

Any who, this was 35mm onto 5×7″. Long story short, I exposed some new 35mm for the expressed purpose of testing my darkroom. I also have 2.25×3.25 negatives that I’d like to print at 8×10/11×14. And then I’ll be moving onto 4×5″ negs.

ronguest says:

@cdevroe I had a darkroom, in a bathroom, in my young years and really enjoyed it. I can almost smell the chemicals as I type this.

One of the fun aspects was the serendipitous discovery of creative techniques. I.e. some of my complete foul ups turned out to look rather interesting in spite of being mistakes.

jack says:

@cdevroe I was asking you, sorry. My bathroom darkroom is only set up for 35mm currently (well, and 4×5 contact prints) but the bigger (4×5) enlargers are ready and waiting in storage. Just need to find the room, but haven’t decided I want to yet.

cdevroe says:

@jack The 4×5 enlarger I’m using needs to be put on a low shelf in order to raise high enough to fit in my basement. I’m thinking of taking it apart and side-mounting it to shoot against a wall – as Ansel Adams did.

cdevroe says:

@ronguest While in our apartment I used the bathroom primarily for both development and printing. Once we moved into the house I knew what I wanted to do with a section of the basement.

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