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My first darkroom print. Lots to learn but definitely a photographic milestone.


de says:

@cdevroe This brings back memories. Looks like nice equipment.

gregmoore says:

@cdevroe Congratulations on producing your first print! 🎉 I remember the magic of this setup from my college days. Realizing I could make as large a print as I could aquire photo paper was a revelation at the time.

cdevroe says:

@gregmoore It is very fun. I have a lot to learn and I have no doubt it will take hours of time and a decent amount of paper to do so. But I’m looking forward to spending some wintery evenings in the darkroom.

cdevroe says:

@de Thank you. A friend at work was selling a bunch of random stuff. I figured it’d be a good starting point for my darkroom.

gregmoore says:

@cdevroe Enjoy the creative journey. I regret my darkroom experience being so focused on class assignments. The best stuff came when I got curious and lost the fear of doing the “wrong” things.

cdevroe says:

@gregmoore Precisely! I said to a friend that my greatest advantage right now is that I don’t know what I’m doing!

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