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I wish that either Safari had Containers or that Firefox had Safari’s tab view. But I cannot find a way to make either thing happen.


simonwoods says:

@cdevroe Does Safari squeeze tabs together like Chrome? It’s the one thing I miss from Chrome; do not like the “rolling” tabs in Firefox at all.

cdevroe says:

@simonwoods Safari has a tiled view that you can open to see all of your open tabs visually. I really like it. I wish Firefox had it.

For now, I’m sticking with Firefox. Containers are simply too powerful to use any other browser.

simonwoods says:

@cdevroe Ah, the tiled view. I do like that on the iPad.

Completely agree re: containers. I’m a little surprised that Google and Apple haven’t made their own version by now.

jack says:

@cdevroe I’m hoping that by some magic with Safari 14’s better extensions API support they’ll be able to port or build something like the containers for Firefox. Not holding my breath though. For now, I use different browsers as containers. Gross 🙂

cdevroe says:

@jack Have you tried Firefox Containers? It works great. And I like Firefox overall. However, I wish it were a bit of a better citizen on macOS. Other than that, I’m a Firefox fan.

jack says:

@cdevroe Yes, Firefox Containers was the only thing I truly missed after moving back to Safari.

mcg says:

@cdevroe Hav you tried any of the “Panorama Tab Groups” add-ons?

canion says:

@cdevroe @jack I have to use Firefox for work because I need Containers for two different Microsoft 365 logins. I wish I could use Firefox more often, Safari still draws me back.

cdevroe says:

@mcg In all my searches I had never come across this extension! Well done! I do wish the thumbnails were a lot larger, but other than that, this works. Thank you for pointing me towards it.

mcg says:

@cdevroe Glad I could help. That functionality used to be part of Firefox. Not sure when it was removed.

w4rner says:

@cdevroe Except Facebook container, what other use cases do you have? other privacy stuff for other big tech or something else?

cdevroe says:

@w4rner I used Containers to sign into everything. Google, Microsoft, etc. etc. Because I typically have a personal account and a work account. This way I do not have to sign in and out. I do not use Firefox’s “Facebook Container” Add-on, I use the “Containers” Add-on which allows me to create as many as I need.



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