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The iOS home screen is pretty terrible. Very difficult to move apps around. Hasn’t been updated much since very early versions. I much prefer Android’s home screen options.


mikehaynes says:

@cdevroe I agree. It’s been one of the harder things to get used to after switching back to an iPhone.

mikehaynes says:

@cdevroe That’s what I’ve done as well. The “Misc” folder in the bottom right is getting pretty full.…

simonwoods says:

@mikehaynes @cdevroe There’s some low hanging fruit Apple could easily grab before they even approach the complex side of things with Android.

Even with my Pixel I hate that I’m forced to use the two Google widgets since the gesture navigation isn’t yet available for custom launchers on my model. It’s enough fragmentation ______ that I’m more than willing to go without widgets and whatever when I go back to iPhone. However, I’d be happiest if Apple could just introduce the app drawer and thus make it possible to keep whatever apps we want on the home screen.

cdevroe says:

@simonwoods I would love if they adopted the app drawer.

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