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I’ve gotten a few requests to allow email subscriptions to my blog. Does anyone have any recommended services that make this easy?


Ben says:

Mailschimp does RSS to email, but I haven’t tried it for ages.

Curious to see if anyone has any better ideas!

pat says:

@cdevroe Hey Colin, long time no see! I’m using for that. Works perfectly for my needs (sending a weekly digest of content), but they also support sending an email for each post.

peroty says:

@cdevroe If you use Jetpack, it’s built into that. That’s what I use for my main blog.

cdevroe says:

@pat Thanks for the tip, I will look into it!

cdevroe says:

@peroty Thanks. I have the plugin installed, but deactivated because of how much “stuff” comes with it. I’ll give it another look.

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