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I still feel that Windows Phone should have continued development.


rossk says:

@cdevroe I never spent serious time with a Windows Phone, but I loved the idea of a phone OS that’s data-centric and not app-centric.

cdevroe says:

@rossk For me, it was excellent. I used it on a Nokia and really enjoyed it.

zorn says:

@cdevroe I though it’s UI was pretty interesting. Would love more options than we currently have. 😢

cdevroe says:

@zorn I thought with Microsoft’s interest in Android their Launcher would make Android look like Windows Phone but they never went that far. Someone should have.

nitinkhanna says:

@cdevroe someone did. It was just as bad as Windows Phone. Someone even built it for iOS! 😀

smokey says:

@cdevroe Coincidentally, @bradenslen and I were just talking about this the other day…

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