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Lots of vitriol spewed at the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Yes, they should have just called it a working prototype. But I applaud them for pushing into new areas rather than simply copying others.


adders says:

@cdevroe Mildly cheeky to charge people $2000 for a working prototype, though…?

pratik says:

@adders I guess people are just folding it wrong 😝

cdevroe says:

@adders Totally agree. But still no reason to publicly lambaste them. My recommendation: don’t buy it. 🙂

ronguest says:

@cdevroe I think the vitroil would be worse if it was Apple. Possibly the whole thing may be amplified by the fact many are dubious over the future of folding phones and some folks see this as ammo to already say “I told you so”.

cdevroe says:

@ronguest I agree with you. If it were Apple many would be spelling doom! As per usual. I’d likely join in. Different expectations.

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