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Back on Firefox after using Brave for a solid week of daily use on all platforms. Brave is an interesting browser but I prefer many Firefox features.


nitinkhanna says:

@cdevroe features such as? What did you like most about Brave?

@cdevroe A friend suggested I try Brave. I asked why. None of the responses were convincing.

cdevroe says:

@nitinkhanna Firefox Containers is likely the feature that has me hooked the most. Not to mention my desire to support Mozilla.

cdevroe says:

@khurtwilliams It is fast. It cuts out so much of the cruft (perhaps to an illegal degree). And BAT (Brave Rewards via micropayments using a cryptocurrency) is an interesting idea. I applaud them for trying something new with a browser. I wish more companies did. Mozilla is doing a lot of stuff with their Test Pilot program too.

@cdevroe it’s a balancing act. Absolute security/privacy affects usability. It’s depends on the level of acceptable risk (risk acceptance) and then doing/using things in that align with that (risk management). My fancy pants way of saying — ecah of us will have to make our own choices about.

nitinkhanna says:

@cdevroe Yessss… Containers are pretty awesome, thought their Facebook-only extension is a little buggy for me at times. Good going on that idea Mozilla!

cdevroe says:

@nitinkhanna I haven’t used the Facebook-only one, but I have created a Container for Facebook only. I don’t know the difference.

nitinkhanna says:

@cdevroe no difference, I think. They just packaged it separately during the height of the FB drama. Made me switch to FF, so that was a good marketing move on their part!

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