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I wonder how much collective design and development time the industry has lost to implementing Dark Mode. It seems like every platform, every app has spent a fair amount of time on this. What was lost as a result?

I’m not against Dark Mode. I’m just wondering what other features, speed improvements, accessibility improvements, battery saving improvements did we go without for Dark Mode-ing all the things?


jack says:

@cdevroe I made that same comment a while ago and was chastised for it. Since I personally don’t like dark modes, I feel it was an enormous waste of resources. Of course, if I preferred dark modes I might feel differently :). There’s also an accessibility argument for dark modes but I’m skeptical about the reach of that.

sproutlight says:

@cdevroe I love dark modes, so I’ll throw out the (also biased) question why didn’t they just make the apps dark to start?

@cdevroe Since it was pointed out to me that this is actually an accessibility issue, I don’t begrudge the time others must have spent.

And the accessibility issue is …?

cdevroe says:

@jack exactly. I too got a shalacking. But really… Countless hours and dollars.

cdevroe says:

@jeremycherfas not at all. Just a comment wondering what we would have. People with certain eye conditions, including plentiful floaters, find dark text on a light background very much harder to read. This is a piece I read

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