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Twelve plus years in and there is still no “Tweets near me” or “Tweets at location” feature.


mjmoriarity says:

@cdevroe I remember back in the iPhoneOS 2.0 days there was a Twitter client called Twinkle that had this feature and it was awesome.

Burk says:

@mjmoriarity Twinkle was so great!! There was one other that I am forgetting the name of now that I liked too. I think it may have been pre App Store jailbroken though

mjmoriarity says:

@Burk yeah, I’m not sure about the other one, but I adored Twinkle!

cdevroe says:

@mjmoriarity Even Twitterrific had something very, very early on. And Twitter’s own search – when they acquired a search company (can’t recall the name) had it. I cannot think of a downside to having it.

Bruce says:

@cdevroe Given how toxic Twitter can get, I could see worrying about stalking and harassment. And given swatting and death threats, fear for one’s physical safety.

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