Colin Devroe

Photographer. Podcaster. Blogger. Reverse Engineer.

Don’t let people tell you blogging is dead. Seems alive and well to me.


kulturnation says:

@cdevroe … and it smells fresh

dhe says:

@cdevroe I myself have been wondering if blogging is dead. If you take out the marketing style blogs with lots of ads I wonder how many well written and thoughtful blogs remain. But I hope your optimism is well founded.

adders says:

@cdevroe The fashion world alone puts pay to that meme.

jenett says:

@dhe Well written and thoughtful personal blogs with no marketing and ads are becoming a thing again. Blogging did die for a while there but a rebirth appears to be brewing.

dhe says:

@jenett I would welcome examples and recommendations. I love such blogs.

vasta says:

@cdevroe Amen to that. As long as you know where to look, blogging never really went away.

dhe says:

@jenett Thank you. So many people now want to podcast. Although I like and listen to podcasts every they can’t match the web and blogs for searchability and reachability over the years.

jenett says:

@vasta You’re right about that (blogging never really died) – though many blogs did go away, there’s a number which have been around through the years. I’ve recently discovered a number of blogs I like right here (like yours).

vasta says:

@jenett Thank you! I’ve discovered great writing through the community here on m.b, so it’s further proof that blogging is here to stay. 🙂

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