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Just updated to the Dialog 2.0 beta. Very, very nice.


kulturnation says:

@cdevroe And it still works on my old ZTE with Android 5 – nice!

kulturnation says:

@cdevroe Just one thing: On my Android 5 phone links and usernames are shown in a very light yellow that is hard to read.

kulturnation says:

@cdevroe Maybe I am a bit overaware of accessibility aspects. But yellow and white is not the best combination when it comes to people with visual impairment (my optician gave me a thumbs up and I have new glasses 😄 )

cdevroe says:

@kulturnation I would direct this feedback towards @dialog or @mike_fm

kulturnation says:

@cdevroe Err, you are right! Idon’t know why I misinterpreted your post as one from the developer 🤦🏻‍♂️

mike_fm says:

@kulturnation Yeah, I understand what you mean. We’re adjusting colours on the fly. I’ve been meaning to change the yellow back to something closer to our previous red/salmon colour. I’ll let my dev know.

kulturnation says:

@mike_fm My wife works as an accessibility dev and ensured me that accessible apps and websites can look great 🙂 A good tool is the Color Contrast Checker. But this is just a negligibility, the app is fun to use (though I am most of the time using an iPhone).

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