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I wish I could play video games without spending any time at all playing them. Does that make sense? Like, if while playing games real time just stopped.


amit says:

@cdevroe Ah. I wished that would happen with so many other things too. Binge watching a television series, catching up on all the movies, books I missed, listening to podcasts. Well, everything that takes time which apparently there just isn’t enough of 🙂

adiabatic says:

@cdevroe That’s one of the reasons why people watch other people play games on Twitch while doing something else entirely.

cdevroe says:

@adiabatic you might be onto something there

cdevroe says:

@amit at least listening to books or podcasts can be done passively while doing other things like walking, running, driving, kayaking, drawing, programming, cooking, shopping, scuba diving, and other “ings”

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