I love beer, but tech events should stop thinking everyone else does too. Shake it up a little, end an event with pizza and soft drinks, a Mediterranean platter with sparkling water, gyros and soda with real sugar. Just stop thinking everyone likes the pub or drinking atmosphere.


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@cdevroe As a near-tetotaller myself, I would say that it’s not necessary to completely re-orient events or lifestyles to accomodate us, but if we do turn down an offer for booze, a response more like “Okay, how ’bout a Coke?” and less like, “Aww, c’mon, live it up a little!” or “What, are you a lightweight?” would be appreciated.

@cdevroe One of my favorite events of old was MacHack, a three day, 24/7 conference that had tons of things do (movie night, tech talks, a hack contest, games, etc.) and none of it involved alcohol. It was glorious.

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