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Poll: How do you cut your sandwiches?


matigo says:

@cdevroe depends on the kind of sandwich, and who it’s for 🤔

Dan says:


svenseebeck says:

@cdevroe No2 is just plain madness. 😁

johnjohnston says:

@svenseebeck for me straight across. Wife: diagonal

Andrew says:

Diagonally for my kids, horizontally for myself.

klandwehr says:

@cdevroe Vertical and then horizontal, to bring out my inner child

vanessa says:

@cdevroe At 90° to the right hand photo. More chance of symmetrical pieces that way. So, top to bottom. Wrong, I know.

ronguest says:

@cdevroe Neither. I don’t cut mine. I do go with diagonal for the kids though.

brandontreb says:

@cdevroe diagonal of course. They taste way better that way!

Seslor says:

@cdevroe I’ve never seen a sandwich cut as #2, actually. Just went with triangles for my lunch today.

devilgate says:

@cdevroe Sometimes one, sometimes the other. Depends on how I feel.

@cdevroe Depends on the bread more than anything, and with most of mine, vertically.

JohnPhilpin says:

@cdevroe up there with tying shoe laces … and what is this ‘cutting’ you describe ??? If I don’t need to cut a burger packed with a farm – why would I cut two slices of bread and one slice of cheese? And I note also that 4 cuts to remove those pesky crusts is not an option …. I think this is a flawed survey !!!!

cdevroe says:

@ronguest embrace your inner child next time

cdevroe says:

@JohnPhilpin people that cut off the crust need to be sent to an island

JohnPhilpin says:

@cdevroe careful there 😊 They are already on that island and through John Montagu gave the sandwich it’s name. Indeed so famous did it become that we even named other islands ‘Sandwich’.

Don’t fight the legacy!

Seslor says:

@cdevroe just two! But tomorrow I’m definitely doing 4. Haven’t done that in ~15 years.

vishae says:

@JohnPhilpin I cut my burgers – when they are skyscraper high and look like it would topple or explode if I touch it.
I stab it all the way through with a fork to keep everything together, then cut…

JohnPhilpin says:

@vishae EPIC … you should make a movie !! Or at the very least a ‘Vidcast’ !!

vishae says:

@JohnPhilpin I’ll keep that in mind the next time I attack a burger

Lioncourt says:

@vishae @JohnPhilpin Thanks guys … now I really want a burger! 🍔

@cdevroe I sometimes cut right down the middle. This way both morsels have some of the better top crust!

@MartinBuckler I have round bread from the bakery, there is no horizontal, vertical or diagonal!

@rosemaryorchard There is once you’ve sliced it.

@jeremycherfas Not really! They’re roll sized – so you just slice open the middle 😁

@rosemaryorchard Ah. Little balls. My loaves are round in one direction, hemispherical (well, flattened hemisphere) in the other. So I halve a sandwich vertically, IYSWIM.

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