Micro.blog confusion

Jeena Pa:

I’m still super confused about micro.blog

He then lists just a few things that lead to his confusion.

One of which I also scratched my head about recently. When you view this thread and you click on the timestamp you expect to go directly to the post on M.b so that you can see the replies to that post. In some cases you are taken to M.b and in others you’re taken to the person’s site – which takes you completely out of the context of the conversation and removes your ability to quickly reply.

I don’t know the solution to this issue. But, I look at M.b this way. Micro.blog is still very young. The team is still figuring it all out and we’re all using and supporting the platform as these kinks are being worked out. Some of these decisions would be very difficult to make if there wasn’t any usage so we all just need to keep using the platform as it is taking shape. There are going to be bumpy periods along the way.


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@cdevroe True. I tend to ignore the minor issues or UX problems given how valuable the platform is becoming. I have gotten in a habit to post more, get more perspectives on those and then of course learn a lot. With community already involved, experience can only improve.

@cdevroe Good point about the bumpy spots during the growth and figuring-it-all-out stages.

Regarding the timestamp links, I think maybe the best thing would to be to have a “Conversation” item in that metadata+actions line for every post or comment, or to switch and make timestamp link always load the conversation and then add a “Source” link (only on posts) that gets you to the native blog post. Hmm, initially, I’d favored the former, but writing this out now, I think maybe I’ve switched to the latter. It’s a change from what is now, but a change towards better consistency, and perhaps make the whole thing more self-explanatory (and more easily discoverable).

To me, this confusion+lack of entry to conversation on posts (vs from comments) is the biggest frustration I have with the web version, and I hope it rises in priority as Micro.blog signups increase. But it’s a minor frustration in the scheme of things—once you’ve learned the nuances—so it’s less of a bump and more of a pebble.

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