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One other great thing about Android is that all apps, including Phone and Messages and other pillar apps, are updated in between system updates. I like the small iterations rather than huge updates.


cdevroe says:

@alice Though I rarely went more than 2.5 years with my iPhone upgrades, I never had issue upgrading my OS or apps. But, I didn’t like waiting a year for a bug fix in one of Apple’s apps.

alice says:

@cdevroe one of the reasons why I’m very happy with Android is that I don’t have to buy a new phone every 2 years in order to be able to update my apps!

alice says:

@cdevroe My iPhone was 3 years old and they stopped updating iOS and all the apps I needed always needed the newere version of iOS and so I couldn’t download them or properly use them because they crashed or didn’t open at all.

alice says:

@cdevroe yeah, unfortunately I can’t afford Apple products.

mikehaynes says:

@cdevroe This is a huge plus when you see how often something as important as the web browser, either Chrome or Firefox, gets updated. You’re never waiting an entire year for them to push a Safari build with more speed, features, etc.

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