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My Feedbin trial has expired. I didn’t see any reason to use it over Feedly. If I’m missing anything, please let me know.


jeredb says:

@cdevroe I have converted most newsletters to RSS, but Feedly may have the same feature.

mikehaynes says:

@cdevroe The big selling points for me are how well the website works across devices, how often new features roll out, and the fact that it’s cheaper than Feedly Pro. I also like that it’s run by one person, versus a large team w/ Feedly. Gotta love the indie approach.

cdevroe says:

@mikehaynes I thought Feedly was a very small team too? I thought Edwin K. was behind it.

mikehaynes says:

@cdevroe Yeah, he founded DevHD, which I believe still runs Feedly. By comparison, I think @benubois (and maybe a couple of devs on Github?) runs Feedbin.

mikehaynes says:

@cdevroe I shouldn’t say “I think”, I know Ben runs it but i’m not sure how much help he has. He’s often the one making all the updates and blog posts.

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