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I’d be totally OK seeing a 📸 icon on’s Discover page that is a collection of all images posted.


cdevroe says:

@cdevroe @manton The link in this post crashed the Mac app. Just FYI.

manton says:

@cdevroe Thanks, I have this fixed for the next update. Hopefully will be able to release it later today.

cdevroe says:

@manton Also, the user profile @davesdowntime seems to break the app too.

@cdevroe @manton I don’t whether to feel mischievous, ashamed or insulted. 😇 I only started using the Mac app yesterday. Let me know if you want me to assist fixing activities.

manton says:

@davesdowntime It’s no problem. The app should handle that better, and at least truncates in the latest version. Best to keep that text fairly short, though, and use an “About” page on your site for anything longer.

@manton Shorter bio preferred…Got it! Thanks.

manton says:

@davesdowntime Can you send a link to The posts have to be short and without a title for the photo to show in the timeline and get cross-posted.

eridius says:

@manton You may have noticed already from your post but tries to interpret email domains as usernames 😄

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