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Wishing I could try out Evergreen’s latest build but I’m not on High Sierra yet. Maybe I’ll set aside a day this weekend to upgrade.


manton says:

@cdevroe High Sierra has had a very rocky rollout, but overall I think it’s fine. The upgrade went smoothly for me despite all the high-profile bugs.

tingham says:

@manton @cdevroe My first HS upgrade made my Mac Pro useless for a week and a half. Multiple clean installs later and it’s finally “knock-on-wood” stable. Screen would lock up if left unattended for more than 15 minutes (unrelated to power settings or screensaver.) I’m thinking it was the new Photos background processing. Apple has said they’ll replace my GPU under warranty but I don’t want to be without the machine for another two weeks.

cdevroe says:

@manton Can I call you on Saturday? 😆

manton says:

@tingham Ouch. Sorry you had so much trouble… Hope you can get it resolved.

cdevroe says:

@tingham @manton Thank you for scaring me even more. Now I’ll just huddle in a corner and suck my thumb.

manton says:

@cdevroe Heh. Apple phone support will probably be more helpful than I would be. Let’s just hope the upgrade goes smoothly. 🙂

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