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I still haven’t updated to macOS High Sierra and I have no plans to. In fact, I’ve disabled my notifications for the upgrade.


cdevroe says:

@adders I have only heard of very few successful upgrades without issues. I’m leery to update and need to keep my productivity.

cn says:

@cdevroe I should do that 💻

nitinkhanna says:

@cdevroe yeah, how do I disable the notifications? I’m not gonna upgrade ever either.

jbwhaley says:

@cdevroe You haven’t heard about sucessful upgrades without issue because nobody goes online and writes that they updated software without issue. FWIW, I updated without issue.

nitinkhanna says:

@cdevroe thanks! Although that last line did give me reason to consider the update.

cdevroe says:

@nitinkhanna Yeah. I will update. Just a question of when I’ll have the better part of a day to do so.

cdevroe says:

@nitinkhanna I have several development stacks that I need to tend to. Which takes an hour or two sometimes. I usually do not have an issue upgrading either. Perhaps one more release and I’ll update.

nitinkhanna says:

@cdevroe yeah dev stacks do sometimes have issues. I did have a problem with ruby once. But I use that barely for anything, so I just wiped it and used rvm (or whatever that thing is called).

nitinkhanna says:

@cdevroe fwiw, I’ve never had a problem with updating macOS.

nitinkhanna says:

@cdevroe ugh. Visual Studio. What do you use that for? And yeah, Docker is the way to go!

cdevroe says:

@nitinkhanna I believe it is RVM. I should likely go 100% Docker (or something) in 2018 and cut down a little on my headaches. But I also now have Xcode and Visual Studio to keep up-to-date.

cdevroe says:

@nitinkhanna I’m building a few cross-platform native mobile applications using Xamarin / C#. I’m really enjoying the experience.

nitinkhanna says:

@cdevroe Ooh nice! I went the Ionic way and have overstayed with them. I’d love to see what you’re working on and test it out, if you ever need Alpha or Beta testing. 🙂

@nitinkhanna @cdevroe Me neither, but I reckon that’s because I am such a low level user I wouldn’t notice esoteric problems.

adders says:

@cdevroe I missed that completely. My two machines were painless – I had more problems with ios11.

oyam says:

@cdevroe I’ve done updates on 6 machines of various ages (early 2008? through late 2017) no issues what so ever. Mac mini’s, MacBook pros, iMacs.

cdevroe says:

@oyam That is heartening. Thanks.

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