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Favorite Android apps, hit me with them please.


Anthony A Altieri says:

In no particular order:
RealCalc – Calculator app
Titanium Backup – System backups (apps and data)
VLC – media player
SyncMate – sync contacts and such with my Mac
Voice – Google Voice
Root Explorer – File Manager
AVG or Avast – Anti-virus/firewall/security
aCar – mileage and expense tracker cause I’m a data nerd
Vysor – Lets Mac display android screen for presentations and such
Pandora – Gotta have my tunes!

Colin says:

Thanks for this list. I’ll cull through it.

mikehaynes says:

@cdevroe I’m super boring so most of the apps I use are the standard Google ones. I like Keep for notes, and Files Go to keep track of the space on the device. I guess one exception is Pocket Casts for podcasts, which is nice because it syncs to the MacOS app.

Colin says:

I’m trying to like Keep. I wish the UI was a bit more simple and, in fact, a bit more Material.

htnawsaj says:

Tasker – For complete automation on Android.
My must have….

Simplenote’s my favourite, but I also use feedly, Pocket, YNAB (for personal finances), Google Calendar, Trello, Listonic (for grocery shopping), and Dropbox.

+1 for Avast, too.

Oh, Clean My Android’s pretty cool too.

Colin says:

Thank you Chris. I’m going to spend some time this weekend going through all of these suggestions.

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