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So, how do I use Markdown with MarsEdit?


desparoz says:

@cdevroe Took me a bit to work it out. Basically it handles it natively, assuming your blogging engine parses it.

Go to Preferences > Blogs > Editing and under Preview Defaults ensure that Markdown is selected in the Preview Text Filter dropdown…

When you preview Markdown works

douglane says:

@cdevroe I just set the editor to plain text, write in Markdown, and then under Preferences > Blogs > Editing set Preview Text Filter to Markdown. (This assumes that the target blog can accept Markdown and doesn’t need it converted to HTML on the way up.)

douglane says:

@cdevroe There is also an “Apply preview filter to content” setting under Preferences > Blogs > Publishing if you want to write in Markdown but have it convert to HTML. (I haven’t use this piece, but I think that’s how it works.)

khurt says:

@cdevroe set these and … edit and post.

Bruce says:

@cdevroe Switch to plain text mode. It will parse both HTML and Markdown. (Does it do MultiMarkdown, @danielpunkass?)

Bruce says:

@cdevroe @douglane Sorry for the extraneous post. And clearly forgetting the preference settings. Glad to hear you got it working.

@manton, I clicked on the conversation on cdevroe’s post and nothing showed up. Using the iOS app on 10.

Colin Devroe says:

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