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I have a favor to ask, please listen to this audio and let me know if it sounds OK to you.


colinwalker says:

@cdevroe It’s sounds good but are you using different mics? Obviously, there’s a difference in your voices but Tucker sounds a lot crisper than you (at least listening on my phone) so a bit of a better mix between you might be better.

cdevroe says:

@colinwalker Thanks for the feedback. We’ll see what we can adjust.

the says:

@cdevroe Nice & clear! I look forward (listen forward?) to the podcast.

johnjohnston says:

@cdevroe listened in car on way home from work. Sounded good to me. The odd plosive due to jokes l think but very listenable.

cdevroe says:

@johnjohnston Thank you for the feedback.

cdevroe says:

@the thank you for the feedback

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