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Testing the latest build of’s Mac app beta, which is now compatible with macOS Sierra, thanks to Manton for listening to the community.


cdevroe says:

@cdevroe annnnnnd my blog doesn’t support Markdown. 🙂 Ooops. @manton – What plugin should I install so that I can post from the Mac app?

colinwalker says:

@cdevroe There’s a couple in the WP directory but I just use the JetPack support and turn most other things off.

cdevroe says:

@colinwalker Am I the only blogger not using Markdown on WordPress? I just use the Visual Editor and see little need.

colinwalker says:

@cdevroe 😆 If you’re using WP itself to post then there probably isn’t much need (except posting from m.b now of course.) It’s purely down to preference and toolset.

canion says:

@cdevroe I found enabling Markdown in WordPress led to better results when publishing from external editors such as Ulysses. I also use Jetpack for this.

cdevroe says:

@canion That’s what I’m hearing from others as well. That makes sense.

manton says:

@cdevroe Are you using WordPress? I like the Jetpack plugin. It has Markdown as an option.

oddevan says:

@manton there’s also JP Markdown if you don’t want the extra Jetpack stuff.