Tracking my YouTube subscriptions over time

As I wrote late last month, I’m using YouTube a lot, and so I’d like to track my subscriptions over time. Git is the best tool for this sort of thing so I quickly jotted my YouTube subscriptions down and put them on Github.

To retrieve your own subscriptions you can use YouTube’s Subscription Manager. YouTube supplies you with an OPML file of your subscriptions (very nice of them). I’ve also shared a few simple lines of jQuery that allowed me to quickly parse YouTube’s bulky HTML from their Subscriptions List Page and spit out properly formatted Markdown for my list of subscriptions.

My subscriptions have changed a lot lately. I’m trying to find a balance of inspiration and education and entertainment. As ironic as this sounds when I turn on YouTube I want to be inspired to get outside. If you have any recommendations please send them to me via email. Or, fork my repository and add yours to Github and we can compare.

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