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Hey Justin, I was never a fish

May 13, 2011

Justin Blanton recently linked to an article that claims there areanatomicalclues in the development of the human embryo that, by looks alone, may prove that we aredescendedfrom fish.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some people that look like fish and some that look like monkeys but that doesn’t mean they weredescendedfrom them in some evolutionary chain. It just means their ugly.

The article also incorrectly states that there is fossil record proof that we aredescendedfrom fish. So far there has been no direct link in the, still very incomplete, fossil record that definitively proves the theory of evolution whatsoever. Any article that states otherwise is overstating the matter. Scientist have built hypothesis based on, what they consider, evolving bone structures from the earliest time of life to now. Several commonalities between the bone structures of all living things. But that does not mean that they evolved. It means they were made by the same designer.

Consider this; an architect designs 10 houses to his own taste. Some of the elements of these homes will, no doubt, be very similar because they were all designed by the same guy. Is it without question that, if there is a designer of all life, that several elements will be similar throughout all of his works? I don’t think so.

I do not believe there is a conflict between a belief in science and a faith in a creator but many do.Oh, and I’ve asked Justin to have a public forum someday to chat about our conflicting ideals but he’s scared. 🙂