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No conflict between believing in God and believing in Science

November 17, 2010

A caller phoned unto Ira Flatow’s Science Friday and asked Michael A’hearn – one of the principal scientists studying the recent comet fly-by – why A’hearn described the age of these comets in “the billions and trillions and kajillions”. To be fair, A’hearn never went above 4.5 Billion years to describe anything during the program.

A’hearn’s rebuttal was astute. He said that if God created the universe then “he created it to work in certain ways” and that by studying it – they could figure out the age of things. He went on to say that he didn’t see why God would have deliberately tried to “dupe” us into believing the age of things.

In other words, if all the hard evidence points to the universe having an explosive beginning billions of years ago – the Big Bang theory – then why should we believe anything else?

I believe in God and creation and I also believe in hard evidence that science has provided. I think it is safe to say that the universe is very old and had an incredible beginning. Something from nothing would have been incredible indeed. How God did that may remain a mystery to man for a very long time – to this point A’hearn answered Flatow’s further questions in this way.

“Do you think it is within our grasp to understand the origin?” – Ira Flatow

“I certainly can believe that we will get to a point where we can no longer understand the physical processes. The classical theory of the universe The Big Bang theory had a beginning. And that would have been the point that God created the universe. But he could have created it in many ways. And the way in which he created it is up to us to find out.” – Michael A’hearn

“You don’t have a conflict in your own mind of believing in God and believing in Science?”- Ira Flatow

“No I don’t.”- Michael A’hearn

Neither do I.