Simplifying life

April 18th, 2006

Living simply isn’t simple. You can quote me on that if you’d like.

I’m not saying that living simple is difficult because you wish to have more “stuff” than you need, it is the fact that if you don’t pay constant attention to things, “stuff” creeps up on you.

Take for instance some old reference books I have laying around. In front of me I have Beginning PHP 4, and the Javascript Bible 3rd Edition. Neither of which I’ve bothered to open for years. Both of which are out dated. Both of which hold little more value than kindling for the next fire (if I even had a fire place). And both are taking up space in my apartment.

These aren’t the big space wasters in our apartment though. Winter clothes, jackets, air conditioners (in the Winter especially), half-full freezers, shelves of extra bathroom products, golf clubs that could use to see some grass, old computer equipment, bins full of cables and wires, and hundreds of DVDs are just a few things that are taking up space in our apartment almost needlessly. Granted, some of these things are time specific necessities, but like I said – if you do not keep a critical eye on your things they can get out of hand.

Why live simply? Eliza and I enjoy the freedom of living simply. Less bills, more fun we always say. We’ve done fairly well so far too. We both have our hobbies and interests, and so we have things to quench those thirsts, but overall we’re not the type of people to try to get involved in “everything”. Some people, and we know a few, try to do everything everyone else does. Not only is that expensive and a waste of time, it’s boring. Get your own interests, do your own things, and be yourself. Much funner that way. Yeah, I said funner.

Anyway, back on topic. Eliza and I have been chatting about chucking some things, cleaning up the rooms and going through each thing to weigh its value to space ratio and giving it to the garbage men if need be. Can you tell it is spring? Again, we don’t have a lot of stuff, but we don’t have a lot of room either. And, we both think it is time to be out with the old, and in with the new.

For instance, we’ve been wanting to make our own wine for a very long time. This spring we’re taking a trip to the Finger Lakes again, so we’ll be able to stock up when we are there, but we still want to have some space to make our own batch or two of wine. To do this, we must make room. To make room, things must go.

I think we’ll start tonight, with the kitchen. Not necessarily to get rid of things, but more to take stock of what we actually have and perhaps move things around a little to fit better. As we buy things, like new pots and pans, our organization sometimes goes a little haywire. Time to rethink that.

Do you find yourself having too much “stuff”? Do you purge?

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